Let user create relations between sheets

Hello-- i want to build a Glide app where the user creates the relations between the sheets using the app. For example, 3 sheets (tools, engines, paint). The sheets are already populated with the data. The user would establish the relations between them all. This tool works with this engine and this engine can use this paint. There can be many to one relations (several tools can work with an engine, and a tool can be used on multiple engines).

Is this something that Glide can do in the UI ? I am thinking to pick an engine, then see all the tools and select which tools go with that engine. Then when they view the engine in another view in the app, it shows what tools they assigned to it.

Many thanks

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Interesting question. You can do this via multiple user specific columns I imagine.

Let users input their “relation” via choice components that points to the right columns, then display the related columns either by:

  • Combining the relation choices using a template, then split them using a split text, then make a relation.

  • Use a template as above and display an inline list with contains filter.