Using and displaying relation's column data without copying them

Hi everyone,

I use several no-code tools to build apps for my clients and I love Glide for it.

To be more efficient in my databases, I would like to be able to see and use all the columns of the sheet I’ve linked to the current one.

Let me explain this in an example:

In a theoretical dating app, there will be user profile and a tab where you can find all your matchs.
I would like in the match table to only be :
| email_that_made_request | email_has_been_matched | date_of_match |

If we had “deep” relations, we will be able to display easily all users informations in the match page by selecting : match > user_that_made_request > name (or any other info in user table).
And we could go deeper into relations of relations.

I’ve look into the feature request app (which is a desktop app now :wink: ) but not found any request like that. I would like to discuss it with the community before make an “official” request.

Thanks for your inputs!


Right now I’m forced to do really too many lookups and IF/Else column :sweat:

Ok, so this new functionality will help a LOT:

Yes, the new feature will make things a lot easier. I do like your idea though. If we create a single relation column, it would be nice to access everything from the relation without having to create a bunch of lookups.


I totally agree!