Select values from relations just like "User >" (Inline Lookups)

Just like we can choose a value from a user profile sheet during if/then/else columns, template columns, filtering/visibility conditions, etc, would love to be able to do the same via relations. It would cut down on SO MUCH app bloat. @david @mark @tristan

Here’s a mockup:

100% yes! @David actually mentioned something like this a long time ago around a hopeful change to the way lookups are done — basically every relation’s values would exist as a pre-configured lookup (so exactly what you’ve mocked up here). I think it would basically get rid of the lookup column, so I’m thinking that it may be tough to implement and ensure backwards compatibility with older apps.


Got my vote :+1:

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We call these ‘inline lookups’, and have wanted to do them for some time.


No time like the present! :grin: