🎤 We'll Do It Live - Episode 5

Speaking of grouped inline lists:

it would be nice if the title of each group were more visible and if the groups were more clearly distinct.

Currently, when scrolling the use might not see that the list is grouped.


Allow column values to be used to label Tabs
(Handy for my app as I have a multilingual system that pulls in string values from my user profiles table)


Creating a new column : A/Content3 should be placed right after A/Content2 iso B/Content2.

A/content A/content2 B/Content B/Content2

Hope you’ve got what I mean :slight_smile:

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Turn on the discount/coupon field in the Stripe checkout screen
@Mark Is this possible?

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One thing I noticed from the last session ---- I think @Jason increased the time delay for notifications and adjusted their width for longer messages. This is great, but I think the notification box should disappear if someone interacts with another part of the app while the message is displayed. I’m finding that the message is sticking around while I’m able to navigate elsewhere in the app.


Nice! Been saving this list since the last session:
@Mark @Jason @Tristan

  • Increment over relation
  • Add/Remove conditions without exiting interface (as requested in the past two We’ll Do It Live sessions)
  • Icon Favorites Section (ability to favorite icons or see recents)
  • Inline Lookups (as requested here)
  • Option to make User Profile Screen a “bottom tab” (like this)
  • Friendly Date Format for date/time and Math columns (eg “x hours/days ago”)
  • Titles need actions!
  • A third Choice Component Style to look like navigation menu (like this)

Very simple feature to have a condition to change user profile photo

You mean to have a condition to allow/disallow changing it?


@Mark Yup, because sometimes we create dual apps and we importrange the user table in Gsheet and sometimes the users upload and they simple miss the importrange formula

We managed to have a workaround to catch their details and zapier it to the source sheet

Clear whole column values :see_no_evil:


Yes please!!!

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So much needed

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@mark one thing I would really love is the ability to sort a joined list (I’m pretty sure I’ve asked for this before).

Use case: I build a lot of CSS/HTML tables using relations and joined lists. The results are great, but the one annoyance is that there is no way to sort the rows, and so I wind up with apparently randomly ordered tables. Here is an example:

In the above example, the table rows are formed by a joined list of template columns. What I’d love to be able to do is specify an “Order By” column when configuring the joined list column.

I hope this makes sense.
PS. I’m pretty sure @Jeff_Hager would also like to see this one :wink:


It’s so simple in Yes-Code, but that’s another story :slight_smile:

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Just coming back to add one more (not sure someone has/had asked for it in past).

  • Multi item select in a choice component.


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An easy one…a counter column !!

Allow us to configure “on submit” for the “back” button of a “details” screen. First use that comes to mind is “if order is empty, delete row”… I’m sure there could be just as many uses as the current “on submit” confit.


Yes! Just like…ahem…conditional relations… sometimes I need to perform some logic within the data before it even makes it to the app’s front end, which is currently the only place where we can filter and sort data. In situations that I’ve ran into, sorting and filtering on the front end is too late. It needs to happen in the data because it affects the results of other computed columns. In my case, I have to use either additional google sheet tabs with queried data, or in one case, an entirely separate Google spreadsheet with import range formulas to move data back and forth between spreadsheets to offload calculations and return results that I couldn’t handle efficienctly in the app’s spreadsheet…and this actually speeds up my app…

I’m so used to working with SQL directly against a DB, or Linq style queries against data tables. Shoot, even old school key lists against physical and logical files on ibm mainframes allow for rudimentary sorting and filtering of data before working with it.

I’ve just been waiting patiently and checking staging periodically in the hopes that a feature like this comes along, :wink: but I imagine it’s maybe a little more than a quick change.


hehe, conditional relations… but, look at how much fun it is without them!



Until you need to create a relation where the source row has a date, and you want to find related rows based on a key, and that also have a date prior to that source date. Then rollup a sum from that relation. Currently impossible within glide, unless you want to create the most horrendous array that includes your main key values and a date as an array for every possible date you hope to relate to (imagine an array of 180 or 365 items, just to check for every possible match within 6 to 12 months…and then dynamically build that for each relation source row based on it’s own date). Glide relations can’t handle data where you need to search by a range. In SQL this would be simple with a JOIN and a ‘WHERE rel_date<src_date’.