Options based on relation

It would be great to have also the following options based on the relation created between 2 tables.

  1. To have a relation text component or to be able to select relation data from the normal components … in case we need to display several pieces of information based on the relation and to not have them only on the detail page of that page … but somewhere like in a dashboard
  2. To be able to select in the visibility field also the field from the table that has a relation with the one we are editing
  3. to be able to use in the functions columns data from the table that has a relation with the table we are editing.

Do you mean as opposed to creating a lookup column against the relation and using the lookup value?

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@Jeff_Hager Didn’t see that feature and it solves somehow points 1 and 3 and also solves something else I was looking into. But still, even for 1 and 3 you have to create additional columns, to bring the data again in the current table and to be able to use it in functions and in display … a relation is already created … why not just use it in display, visibility and functions.

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Sounds a lot like Inline Lookups.

This one is high on the list of most requested features. Glide have said in the past that they plan to do it. We just don’t know when. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say that getting Apps onto the NCM would have removed a fairly significant road block in terms of getting this one done.


@Darren_Murphy that’s right … what NCM means ?

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