hello , anyone have an idea about this scenario , i have a data table with 12 options , and i have data for each option separatly that with columns of details . so i wanna try to make a relation with the 12 option relation to each option details so when a user choose some option in further screen he would be able to see deatils for each option choosed

Hi! Do you use option choice in form screen or on details screen?

in detail screen ! like i need that after i display the option to user he/she will choose what is needed for the project and i will display what is selected after i have status like start,ongoing and completed in intial itt will be status start , so when the selected option is clicked i want display all the information and details of that option including inputs where to leave comments , so back in my data sheet , i have data for the option standing on their own with full deatils columns and i have that data that contain tthe list of option so i want to make that realtion

Looks very simple. Just add user specific column in the row with detail screen, then create an relation from us to options table, create an lookup column and show this lookup results to customer. If you need to show too user options details during choosing, so tell me i will describe in details


I didnt get what you meant surely, can you make it clear , from this info ! i have a data sheet for 5 option with column name , selected and status , where selected is checkbox booleen, and also i have data sheets for each option with column detail as criteria, observation, recimmendation and priority …so i want to make a reation from the data sheet of 5 option together so later each will pull its deatils

Can you show us some screenshots of your data? I think’s suggestion aligns with your first comment under the post, which I see as:

  • You have a choice component and the user can choose from a table of options. This is unclear whether they can choose multiple options or not.

  • When the user has chosen an option, you want to display more info about that option on the details screen. This can be achieved with relation & lookup.

Though upon reading your last comment, I’m not sure if that’s the right interpretation.

that are the options or section and the user is able to choose more than one

And also i have data for each section/option so after on layout i will use a checkbox component so user to choose section needed and after they would be displayed by what is selected , when a section ic clicked has to pull its information from his table , i think this is clear now ! so how can i make the relation