NCM - what is it and why do Glide Experts keep mentioning it?

New Computational Model?

What is the ‘old computational model’ and why is their/what is the benefit of a new one?


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The computation model is the underlying code that makes glide work. Basically the original computation model is what Apps currently run on and is hard to maintain and not necessarily efficient code. When Glide added pages, they rewrote the underlying code from the ground up, so currently Pages uses the new computation model. They are now working to convert Apps to that new updated code.

From our standpoint, it really shouldn’t mean much to us, other than some things will most likely run more efficiently and faster. I’m guessing it will also open up the possibility to have similar components that can be used between apps and pages, and it will allow more of the glide staff to more easily maintain the code and add new features.

It’s really just a new updated version of the underlying core code that makes glide function. In other words, it’s not really meant to be a concern to the end user and they largely shouldn’t know the difference.


Yes and yes!

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Yes, the team did mention this when speaking about having the container component in Apps in the future, I hope it will be the same for other components.


I believe that getting apps onto NCM is also a stepping stone towards removing the 25k row limit barrier :slight_smile:


When Apps and Pages will be using the same backbone (New Computation Model NCM), then perhaps it will be possible to share elements from the builder (containers, actions, components) across projects.

In that case, then why have two separate Apps and Pages products? Well, it is possible that some people want to build an app, a mobile-only experience, and this is one of Glide’s USPs (Apps). While others might want to build a responsive dynamic tool/website/web app powered by data (Pages). The use cases may overlap, but maybe not the target audiences.

Just rambling out loud.

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