New Computation Convert From App To Page

Quick thought which raises a question.

Does Moving the mobile app to the new computation model give GLide the ability to let us convert from an app to pages that will include the actions or improved conversion that will help smoothing it out from the current creation from an app to page?

@Darren_Murphy thoughts ?

Not that I’m aware of, and I’d be surprised if this is something that’s coming any time soon.
Apps and Pages are very different when it comes to components and layouts, etc, so I’m not sure how well this could even work.

I recently went through the exercise of building a new Pages project using the “New Page from data” option, and I must say it worked very well. Sure, you still have to rebuild the entire UI, but having all your existing Glide Tables and computed columns immediately available makes it so much easier.


I wish that the actions and triggers can be also converted as well

mmm, I can understand that some folks might find re-useable actions very useful. But personally I don’t think I would have much use for them.

I do agree though that being better able to manage triggers (re-use, rename, delete) would be very useful.

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