Duplicate and convert a PAGEs web-app into an APP

*I am new to the platform.

I am building a web-based client portal AND an app using the same data.

I created a Pages web-site built on google sheets MANY, MANY relations combined with glide tables plus customer actions using webhooks/integromat. I want to duplicate all this over to a new project which will be the client’s APP.

Duplicating the project gets me another web-site; can this be changed from PAGES to APP?

Do I have to start from scratch with the google table and recreate all the relations, glide tables and actions?


Yes, at the moment you can’t convert a Glide Page into a Glide app, just the other way around.

Thanks…guess I wasn’t missing anything.

Well I am committed for now so I will start re-creating the environment and treat them as separate DEV environments.

Speaking of which, are their best practices for DEV/TEST → PRODUCTION? My test data is well >500 rows so I am not too excited about creating another PRO environment for DEV as I test the app with some prospects.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

How do you convert a Glide app to Glide Page?

You click the “three dots” button on the top right of the app on your dashboard, and click “New Page from data”.


It is not a true conversion in terms of components though. You will still have to rebuild the layouts yourself.

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will that harm the app I have? will it convert the app into a page and remove the app or just create a duplicate of the app as a page and share the data between the 2?

It just creates a new Page project with existing tables and all existing computed columns. It does not affect your existing app. You will still have to design all of the screens and app flow.


Thank you Jeff. What about changes I make to the computed columns will those reflect back to the original app?
i assume they are just a duplicate of the original computed columns and I can add, edit, delete them without affecting the original app, right?
the only thing shared would be the google sheet and anything else I change doesn’t make any changes to the original app?

If your duplicate keeps the same tables without making a duplicate, then the basic column data will synchronize between apps, but any changes to computed columns will not synchronize across. If you need the same change to a computed columns in both apps, then you will have to make that change twice.

Yes, I would agree with how you explained it.