Duplicate and convert a PAGEs web-app into an APP

*I am new to the platform.

I am building a web-based client portal AND an app using the same data.

I created a Pages web-site built on google sheets MANY, MANY relations combined with glide tables plus customer actions using webhooks/integromat. I want to duplicate all this over to a new project which will be the client’s APP.

Duplicating the project gets me another web-site; can this be changed from PAGES to APP?

Do I have to start from scratch with the google table and recreate all the relations, glide tables and actions?


Yes, at the moment you can’t convert a Glide Page into a Glide app, just the other way around.

Thanks…guess I wasn’t missing anything.

Well I am committed for now so I will start re-creating the environment and treat them as separate DEV environments.

Speaking of which, are their best practices for DEV/TEST → PRODUCTION? My test data is well >500 rows so I am not too excited about creating another PRO environment for DEV as I test the app with some prospects.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

How do you convert a Glide app to Glide Page?

You click the “three dots” button on the top right of the app on your dashboard, and click “New Page from data”.


It is not a true conversion in terms of components though. You will still have to rebuild the layouts yourself.

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