Difference between Glide apps and Glide pages?

What is the difference between Glide pages and Glide apps? If I want to sync data that I’m getting from the app with data that I’m getting from a page, should I “keep the same sheet” or “copy the sheet?” I’m just unclear on what the difference is between apps and pages?

Apps are geared towards small devices and provide an app like experience.

Pages are geared towards larger devices and provides more of a website experience.

Both will work on large or small screens, but the experience is different.

Try them both out and see which one fits your needs.

Multiple apps and pages can share the same data source, but if you choose to “copy the sheet”, then you are creating a project with a separate “copy” of the database which will not sync with the original copy.

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If I choose to use the same sheet, will the data be synced back all together?

Yes, in that case it uses the same sheet. Each app is pointing to the exact same data source, so basic column data is kept synchronized between any app that uses that same sheet.


Do I have this right…
If I wanted to build a single app with Glide that had two versions, one mobile (Glide App) and the other for desktop (Glide Pages) that contained the same information I would connect both apps to the same sheet. Copying the sheet is really used for testing with confidence so I can retain the original if I mess up.

Correct. You do have the option to “Create Page from App”, which will directly create a page project with the same data source as well as duplicate all computed columns. You can also attach existing tables and google sheets to any existing project, but computed columns will not be copied across in that case. Only basic columns which contain the actual data. (Be sure to thoroughly read @Darren_Murphy’s post above that explains how computed columns work between multiple projects.)

Copying the sheet is mostly useful for creating backups or forking your project for something else that is not directly related to your original project. Data in copied sheets is only affected by the duplicates project and is not connected in any way to the original project.