Merging Glide Pages With Glide Apps

Hello everyone!

I created a project in Glide Pages and I would to create an App that the users can use on the go (and also take advantage of the Glide Apps features not available on Glide Pages).

What do I have to do in this case?

Do I have to create a new App and use the same database I used for the Glide Pages (in this case an Airtable database)?

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, yes.

We do have an option to “Create Page from Data” from an App, but not yet the other way :frowning:
If you have any native Glide tables in your Pages project, you will be able to link those to your App and all basic (non-computed) columns and data in those tables will stay in sync between the two projects. But you will need to recreate any computed columns that you need in your App, and (obviously) build the UI from scratch.

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Which app features are important to you?

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Definitely, the Progress Bar feature would be (another) game changer when it comes to Pages. Especially when it comes to dashboard design


I could really use the Signature component in Pages :slight_smile:



  • Progress bar
  • Location
  • Signature
  • Basic table (the Fields component doesn’t cut it)

Also the card layout in pages only allows us to add 3 entries. Would be better if we could add TAG, Avatar, Avatar text, Caption, etc


Thanks for the response Darren.

So what do I have to in order for the Glide Page version only be available on desktop and the Glide App on mobile and tablet?

There isn’t a straightforward way to do that. Each would still have it’s own url, but maybe you could do something with a separate website that has automatic redirects based on the user agent…or maybe some domain providers have an option like that??? The easiest would be to just share two separate urls.

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Has anyone figured out a way to integrate some sort of signature component into Glide Pages?

No, but it’s on the list so it will be coming to Pages sooner rather than later.

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