The relationship between Glide pages and mobile apps (Seeking opinions)

I’m going to try and make this short and as simple as I can. I have 2 sober living home locations and I am wanting to build a Client Portal for the clients that is in the program. I am undecided due to confusion on which to choose, a Glide page or a Glide mobile app.
I want the portal to be able to be used on mobile and desk top but I believe as my program grows I will be needing more features especially on the backend and I want to create with the long run in mind. With that being said I think a Glide page would be best for the portal and I just hope it translates over to mobile just fine. If it doesn’t and need to build a mobile version do I then have to buy the page subscription separately from the mobile app builder “pro” sub.? how would I keep the 2 in sync.? what’s the best way to do this in you all’s opinion?

  1. Yes, separate sub
  2. Glide pages look great on mobile
  3. Using glide tables will allow you to share tables between apps/pages

So if I want to make the Glide Page a Mobile app specifically I can create the mobile app by just using the glide table data used for the page?

You’d need to rebuild it as an app but the data would be synced if you share a table

the best thing to do is basically build the app with the same features the page has and share the same glide table? I actually use airtable for my data base, can I do the same sync with airtable?

You can share the same data source for both, regardless of whether you’re using Airtable, Glide Table or gsheet. Your computed columns won’t be synced though.

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As Jaime said, Pages still look good on mobile, so my suggestion is that you just use Pages. You can build it in such a way that everything still looks good and paginates well on mobile.

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