Glide apps vs Glide Pages


As far as I understand, Glide Apps builds apps to be installed as PWA on mobile devices and Glide pages builds websites to be visited with a browser (on a computer).

But is it possible to install a Glide Page on a mobile device as PWA ? I mean : some users can visit the Glide Page (Web Page) on a browser (when they use a computer), while others can install it so it looks like a native app.

Or am I wrong?
And what do you suggest for a combination of “apps” and “pages”?


You can “install” a Glide Page to your mobile device in the same way > Add to Home Screen.

Apps and Pages work well together when the mobile app is for your end users while Pages are for your company’s admins. Personally, I wouldn’t create both a page and an app for the same end user.


Is the reason because computed column is not shared between apps and pages ?

i have this problem where i did a lot of computed columns on pages for my V 1.2.0 but i forgot its not shareable to app.

And as a result, i built the app version with glide pages.

Is this the case for you as well ?

For me, using Apps or Pages depend on what my users usually use (desktop or mobile). If it’s mobiles, I go Apps and vice versa. Like Robert, I wouldn’t create 2 projects to serve two different user segments.

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Almost in every company app development there will be a dashboard and mobile app version. So now i use glide pages most of the time because

Glidepages offer mobile version with PWA as well.

The only limitation with glidepages mobile version is there are some features from glideapps that you wish are available

Example : Date component in glidepages does not have the “Today or later” feature