Glide apps vs Glide Pages


As far as I understand, Glide Apps builds apps to be installed as PWA on mobile devices and Glide pages builds websites to be visited with a browser (on a computer).

But is it possible to install a Glide Page on a mobile device as PWA ? I mean : some users can visit the Glide Page (Web Page) on a browser (when they use a computer), while others can install it so it looks like a native app.

Or am I wrong?
And what do you suggest for a combination of “apps” and “pages”?


You can “install” a Glide Page to your mobile device in the same way > Add to Home Screen.

Apps and Pages work well together when the mobile app is for your end users while Pages are for your company’s admins. Personally, I wouldn’t create both a page and an app for the same end user.

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