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Recently Glide put a lot of effort into Glide pages, and at this point, it seems that it’s much more customizable then Apps. So I wonder, what’s the differentiator between the two apps other than Apps has a ‘native’ chat function and bar scanner? Is it still worth doing separate Pages and Apps apps?

I’d build solely in Pages from here on out. Glide will soon be discontinuing development for legacy “Apps”.


@Robert_Petitto if you are right then glide should work hard on new functionality to migrate apps to pages.

Further, new functionality to migrate the data source from one to another like google sheets to glide tables should also be a top priority

Redoing columns and layouts is not the way to go


Yeah im worried now !

Yes im gonna start new projects with PAGE.

But what about the one done in APP already?

My clients paid for years of maintenance on their APP.
How am i gonna do that ?
What if the migration from APP to PAGE break all computed column or even UI ? A night mare… hours of dumb work…


We are not removing apps. We are just focusing on Pages instead.


Thanks David for your quick answer - i will sleep tonight :wink:

Apps are the best Glide product, still much better than pages… unless pages will get a free CSS component that can do what rich components can in Apps, and remove this annoying branding button… Pages are a big no-no for me. I don’t mind branding, as long they are made with style as in Apps… also there is no full coverage of the screen in Pages, what’s up with that? That’s why Apps is my number one choice!

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I don’t think that pages is a big no with the latest updates recently for the mobile view specially that there are many aspects needs to be considered for the large size views and the transformation from a large screen to a mobile view is a smooth

It depends on the target audience of the customers but glide is always focusing on the B2B which is mostly on laptops and big screens

Tables view, custom components and charts are one of the critical component needed for large screens to view the overlook of the data.

As for the css part and its availability, I think that basic views provided by glide is quite enough for the design and mostly the best known in the market in the easiness of deployment and reaching the satisfactory outcome.

There are a lot of learned development improvement from glide due to user feedback That I have seen it has been deployed already in pages and it wouldn’t work in mobile version, take table view and grid table for instance.

Yes there are components still missing but lately we have seen many deployed components added.

So I actually migrated all of my mobile apps yo pages after proof of success.

Again depends on your focus and glide is serving B2B and it was mentioned many times by the Team


Having just started on my first “page” - my 2 cents, which are really marketing notes:

  • How do I describe a “page” to someone else? It appears just to be another website (which I know it isn’t). It can’t be added to my phone like an app.
  • There is currently a cache to say “I have my own app” or “I build apps” that can’t be said the same for pages - which to a customer looks like a website and websites are cheap because the market is flooded with site designers. I can charge much more for a “custom app”
  • So if the future is “pages”, I would really like a different name for them, but have no suggestions… :thinking::woman_shrugging:

Technically they are called Progressive Web Apps, so App is in the name :grinning:

The primary advantage of PWA is that users arent forced to download an App to their device from the App store. Most owners want it in the App Store if its a B2C because its another way to get users other than SEO. Also obviously a “real” app integrated with the phones OS which unlocks additional features.

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When I start a new Pages project, the very first thing I do before anything else is change the display from web to mobile: as far as I’m concerned, I’m building an mobile app that will happen to look good as a web app.


So a “Web App” is a good way to describe the pages product?

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yes… it is a Web App

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Yep! Its not like Glide Mobile Apps can integrate into iOS, so essentially Glide Apps and Glide Pages are both PWAs. How I would market it is that its an App that works on both mobile and desktop.


Pages are the same as Glide Apps… but Apps are more flexible

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yes, Web App is the term that I use. If anyone asks me what I do - “I build Web Apps” :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have always said “I build Custom Apps” but think I will change it to “I build Custom Web Apps”. That kinda works!


Eventually we will rename Pages to Apps.

We have so much new design coming for Pages as apps. It’s going to leave Apps in the dust.


@david please add CSS rich text, and change the branding button design…


Hi @Daniel_Brassnyo , an “old” comparison

NB : I have stopped using Apps for months because I am sure that Pages is the target of Glide (and it is logic since it provides real webapps).
So yes, less flexible today, but it’s improving (not quick enough of course from a user point of view !!! :slight_smile: )

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