Anyone change their glide app to glide pages?

Super curious to see if anyone has done this and how difficult it is to transfer?

Half of my app is on Google sheets and half is Glide tables, I was able to easily upload all of my app data on Google Sheets to the Pages to test but can Glide tables be transferred within Glide?

What are some complications?

Do they have all the same capabilities but just have different visual experience? - meaning desktop look vs app

I would wait to move to Pages… if you know how to use CSS, Apps are much better.

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Pages is great and worth checking out. It’s only going to get better and offers way more out-of-the-box flexibility if your project is ever going to be used on a desktop.


I really like Pages with their containers and having multiple forms on one page. Mobile view works great as well, but sometimes containers look great on desktop, but not on mobile and they currently do not provide device specific components.

Another major thing to note is that while all your data will stay the same/move over, once you convert into a Page, you’ll need to visually recreate everything all over again.

Pages is definitely the future of Glide.


In case you are not aware, you can select the ‘New Page from Data’ option in the dashboard, which will keep all of your data as well as computed columns.


Whilst the “New Page from data” option gives you a good start, there is still a lot of work involved as you basically have to rebuild your entire User Interface.

If you’re not in a hurry, I’d advise waiting for a bit. Glide have indicated that they will provide tools in the future to make the transition much easier.


Great to know everyone! Thank you!

The most annoying part of pages, is that you really gonna have to check 3 devices all the time, to see actual look… mobile… 13 inches and less… above 13 inches… that makes me crazy, and impassible to work fast… and have nice desktop view… in Apps you can scale elements according to screen resolution… so Pages are really design for mobile and tablets… not for desktop

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I’ve converted several apps to pages using the feature @Jeff_Hager mentioned. However, Glide does plan on building a “converter” at some point in 2023…I’ll probably wait for that tool before rebuilding my non-essential apps.


hmm. Mine only says New app from data. NOT NEW PAGE. Any ideas?

“Pages” was re-branded to “Apps”… the older version is now called Classic Apps


Based on a few posts I’ve seen, not sure if this converter is still in the works. Do you know?

Guess not.