Glide Pages Suck Compared to Apps IMO

@newyorkengineer thank you for the feedback – can you give us a few pointers where you’d like to see Pages improve? “Pages suck” does not help us much!


@david You’re right. My apologies for my frustrations. I’m aware that your focus is not empowering entrepreneurs but please reconsider! Lol, some of us might go on to produce Glide’s biggest use cases.

I simply want the “See all” and “Favorites” … and 9-10 tabs at the bottom. Right now, Pages can’t compete w/ the UI of Apps!!

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Hi @newyorkengineer. David recently announced that Pages will probably at one point replace Apps, and for a while Apps will still be accessible as Glide Legacy/Classic.

David also announced that he expects Pages to catch up to and even surpass the capabilities of Apps in the next 3 months.

You seem to be aware of these announcements since you ask that Glide not discontinue Apps.

I think we all need to respect these announcements and wait a few months for the upcoming Pages releases.


In pages, medium or large amounts of information take up medium to large amounts of space. Apps was much more proficient at this. A small example is App’s Basic Table component vs Page’s Fields component. A desktop has width I would like take advantage of, Apps Basic Table layout makes sense here, instead Pages fields stacks the title and data - looking like a mobile-mined element on a desktop.

There are many more example of this which combined all together makes it very difficult for me to convey my relevant information above-the-fold.

Essentially pages seems to have taken the idea of ‘more screen’ to mean ‘let’s take up more space’, while I feel that ‘more screen’ should mean ‘more information’.

I understand it’s easy for anyone to make good looking pages. I would suggest on each component a ‘show advanced’ checkbox with addition options for those experienced with UI and UX. That way it’s still easy and friendly to new users.

Take a look at the level of information displayed in this ecommerce site’s ‘collection’ of iPhones. Complex yet digestible and visually appropriate due to the designers choices. (Finnish versions of Best Buy).

In my Pages, I have reverted to mostly Slide In screens because I really fail to be able to take advantage of the full screen with the given elements.

I have quite a heavy database I have built over 10 months, I have it represented on Apps and Pages if you’d like to take a look. Thank you.


I agree with this. Currently, Glide Pages requires me to slow down and attempt to find the “perfect” combination of components, containers and layouts so that the UX and UI look beautiful and purposeful for both Mobile and Full Width views. A layout that works well in one view might look wrong in the other.

Once Glide releases new components/designs for Glide Pages (basic table, links, horizontal scroll, better title layouts, etc), it should be better.

  1. Make CSS like it is in Apps.
  2. Full width… no margins.
  3. Adjustable size for all components and fonts.
  4. Fixed components, that will stay in one X, Y position.
  5. Select elements in the editor, for easy finding.
  6. Improve speed (Pages are much slower than Apps)
  7. Display fetch JSON values (right now, it only shows in the editor… in real view, it will show only when I edit values… after refreshing… all data disappear)
  8. Add icons to buttons and other elements.
  9. scale elements according to a screen resolution.
  10. Add more columns to containers… minimum 8, so we can do custom calendars, Glide calendar sucks!
  11. Horizontal, scrolling list.

that’s all… and I will move to Pages, with all my projects and customers.

Uzo, can you add this to This Post about Pages Features ??

You add it… they don’t like me :wink:

it is confirmed that pages will replace apps?

You should watch this:

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There wasn’t a clear answer. Quite vague.

I’m fine with them not providing support any longer but hope they don’t kill the product completely.

Too many me too products out there already. Simplicity ultimately wins.

Let Unqork be Unqork. Bubble be Bubble. Etc. :unamused:


It’s perfectly clear to me. Pages is the future of Glide.
Pretty much the first thing that David says about what’s in store in 2023 (at 4:00 in the video) is that Glide will complete the transition from Apps to Pages.

If you watch the full video, you’ll see that David goes into much greater detail about what this actually means for existing Apps.


I watched the entire video. :wastebasket: Lol… I’ll just use the product they’re aiming to become…

So if you watched the full video, what was vague about it, and what wasn’t there a clear answer to?

Exactly how long Apps will still be available after it’s labeled “Classic” … 3 months? 6 months? A year??

That question was answered in the Q&A at 37:20. The answer was at least a year.


Great. Thanks. I guess I didn’t watch it in its full entirety.

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Which margins do you mean? (2.)

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Left and right… on the monitors above 13 inches, you get a lot of empty space… also scale elements according to screen resolution… I have to zoom out when I work on 13 inches laptop…

In Apps I don’t have that problem, I can use CSS to fix it.