Basic Table is BACK!

The Fields component in Glide Pages now transitions to a Basic Table view on mobile devices!
CleanShot 2023-01-03 at 19.31.21


a few years more… and Pages will be as good as Apps LOL

Nah…I give it a few more months and Pages will be better than Apps.


hmmm… I doubt it… it looks like they don’t wanna give CSS to pages… so probably never will be better

They never (officially) gave CSS to Apps, so you’re probably right on that. Pages is the plan going forward, so it most certainly will be better than Apps in the future. I have zero doubt.

we do have CSS in Apps… and that is what makes Apps better… you can have exactly what you want. No matter how they will improve Pages… without CSS… useless for most advanced users. It will be just a cookie-cutter app for everybody. Is like seeing the whole world driving Toyotas… and all of them are available only in 2 colors… :wink: and don’t get me wrong… Toyota is a great brand… LOL

Tbh I think you’ve made your point by now, Uzo!

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I hope so! :wink:
I will make a Page sample… tomorrow… to prove that I can do extreme Pages… lol

Everyone knows you hate Pages and love CSS but I think it’s pretty clear that won’t change a thing. My advice: get over it or start using a tool that’s better for you :wink: !


no… I do not hate pages… I just wanna make it clear… that it is a waste of time to improve a bad idea… instead of focusing on a brilliant one that already is big.

All in all I think you’ve made your point :slight_smile:

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I would still love this as default though!

no… the way they structure Page, it will always stay non-open source… good for charging $ for extra features… bad for getting creative…

Glide has never been open source, no reason to expect that.

Apps are… kind of… lol, that’s why they wanna get them out… but I already figure out how to break Pages too… so i have a least one more year to prepare for transition and do my hocuspocus with Pages :wink:

so i have a least one more year to prepare for transition and do my hocuspocus with Pages

You can’t live without Glide, can you? :slight_smile:

yes, i can… but it saves me so much time building UI for my scripts, and give my customers better price… no mention… i also getting new customers from Glide