RE: Bubble dynamic in tab menu, with CSS?

In this article you show how to create a notification badge/bubble on your tab icon.
Here is the link to that post/article: Bubble dynamic in tab menu, with CSS?

I managed to make this work in an app.
Could this be done in a glide page?
If so, please show how👍

Found the answer - Note: CSS is not officially supported in Glide Apps, and only available on Business plans in Glide Pages. When you use it in Glide Apps, please be aware that it can break anytime if Glide changes the DOM structure or anything related to the classes that your code targets.

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pages suck… go back to Apps :slight_smile:

I haven’t really given pages a fair shot until now, pages is streaks ahead of where it used to be, i see i’ve been missing out.
The components and features that pages offers me for this specific page/web app is massive compared to an app. Various calendar views, Kanban, responsive design, data grid, tables , ability to break up my page into up to four columns, choice tags with images on it… there’s features in pages that are priceless. Even the maps is interactive (though a little glitchy)
I’m actually super impressed with the new pages.
Out of interest why do you prefer apps over pages?

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I can do what ever i want in Apps, i.e. i can break page into 100 columns if i need it… yes i get that pages has cool elements, but is useless if i can’t make them exactly the way i need it. So untill pages wont have CSS like Apps do, and they won’t remove that irritating branding button… I can’t use it… for me, it takes few minutes to make any element that pages has… and it will be exactly the way I, or my client wants

Definitely agree on the branding logo, but i think the old pricing had pages at a higher price compared to apps, so i guess they are trying to offer white label on a higher price plan to gain back profits/costs involved in providing support for pages. It’s a bummer but i do get their reasoning.
But even then, at $25 (you get 3 published apps) and you can pay extra $10 for white labelling on one page. So that’s $35 divide 3 (for 2 apps and a page) instead of the original $40 for one page and $32 extra for each pro app) if i remember their old pricing.

I’m am really new to CSS, i literally stumbled across the CSS Trick list yesterday, which is really amazing, had no idea we could do all those extra things. So it would be great if they fully add that to pages.
One of the biggest downsides to apps is that the desktop view is clunky (understandably, since it is in fact a mobile app)
I went to a meeting where my client was showing our app to a group of big wigs, and he had the app open on his desktop (full desktop mode) but he had shrunk the browser width down to tablet size, and all his desktop items were showing in the background. I had a full on cringe moment… then promptly came home and started researching more about Glide pages. And i must say it’s streaks ahead of where it was 6 months ago. The responsive design and the data grid were the clincher, the kanban sealed the deal!

No, pages for me are good only for mobile, in apps i can utilize whole desktop screen, and squeeze lots of columns of data… pages has too big margins on the sides, and way too big waste of space on top… click my profile image and click schedule appointment link, you’ll see a free App on a full screen :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, how do your add multiple columns/vertical sections of data. Is that using CSS? I find the details view of a tile usually only opens full width on the screen so there’s lots of un-necessary blank spaces.

It is all CSS and templates columns, here are some samples of Glide Apps that I made… all of them look good on mobile, and great on desktop:

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This is really amazing, wow👏
How are you finding your apps in terms of speed? With so many menu items? And does the CSS ensure that the same elements show appropriately for desktop and mobile?
Well done though, this is amazing work🥳 Pushing Glides limits to the max.

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I always check my Apps on multiple devices and OS… they run fast and smoothly…
I just created a free Glide App that has unlimited rows and edits…

so as you see… for me Pages suck… but I know that for all no-code users, pages are a better option than Apps.

you can use my Code BOOK for ideas and resources:

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How do you create columns in an app?

CSS tables, or arranging multiple inline lists in a row.

Unbelievable! This is very encouraging to see how much capacity Glide has and too see it being pushed to its limits. Great work!!
Thanks for the resources👍 I’m going to spend some downtime over this Christmas season to learn some more tricks, i’m more and more amazed at the potential Glide offers. Very exciting to see this!

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Yes, Glide is the number one platform for Apps, you can execute so many great ideas here.