CSS Usage in Glide Pages

Does anyone have any good resources for how to utilize CSS with Glide Pages? I’ve followed many good tutorials using Rich Text in Glide apps but it doesn’t seem to act the same in Glide Pages. Things I’ve done in the past like changing button colors, setting map pin colors, etc don’t seem to want to work. Any suggestions?

don’t use pages… Apps are much more flexible :wink:

@Robert_Petitto posted a short video on this a while back. You’d have to search for it to find it. I don’t think anyone has made a full blown tutorial.

Here’s the video.

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that’s why Pages sucks… very limited CSS, and only on business plans… no thank you! LOL… not to mention ugly branding, even on the starter paid plan.

Uzo - pages is serving a good purpose for our web based customers. I wouldn’t be so quick to hate on it, it’s a new product still.
@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy thanks, will check out Roberts tutorial! Had tried to follow Thinhs tutorial for changing pin colors but in Pages with no success but I’m not familiar enough with CSS to adapt it to the different html structure.

I actually found a way to utilize CSS in Pages via HTML and Richtext and not on a Business Plan.

I dont know all the technical terms of HTML but here is an example:

<table class="logotable" style="margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;" >
            <td><a href="LINK">
<img src="LOGO" width="128" height="50" style="padding: 5px;"/>

Adding style=“CSS code” in the DIV will center the image replaced by LOGO and apply the width, height and padding styles to the image itself, while applying the margin styles to the table.

Essentially custom added components can be styled in a round about way… just obviously cant style Glide Components.


That’s called inline styling :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any insight as to whether there is a CSS method for pages that will produce the same user specific effects as the CSS we use in apps? A lot of CSS we use in apps relies on manipulating user data and joining/displaying in Rich Text. Trying CSS in pages for the first time, it looks like we’re unable to get to this level of granularity and most component changes appear to be global. Wondering if there’s a work around and really appreciate any help!

Do you have a Business or Enterprise plan?

Yes, just got Business

I doubt that is an option, since we seem to not have a way to point the “Custom CSS” box to a dynamic field.

That was my suspicion and thank you for the input! Wonder if that’s on the roadmap…