CSS in Pages

have anyone manage to use CSS in Pages? should I use Rich text as in apps?
I’m trying to influence a component but unsuccessful

any help will be appreciates

I haven’t done much with pages yet, but my understanding is that it’s not possible to use CSS in the same way that we do with apps.

thank brother, do you know why? did you see in the community other ideas?

Pretty sure I’ve seen it discussed here, although I can’t find a good reference right now.
@ThinhDinh can probably confirm.


If so, I think pages will have limited capabilities to manage css. I think Glide Team want Pages to offer a solid standard experience a with a clear and minimalistic design.

You can add some html format options using rich text components and Markdown language although Im not sure all Markdown features are supported.


I can confirm it’s not supported. As @darder said, they support markdown with the rich text component (we have to write markdown to display text, there’s no text component like Apps).

I suppose it’s related to the fact that the “Made with Glide” badge can be hidden through CSS and they don’t want that.


Thanks, I know markdown & HTML well but wanted to RTL the components :slight_smile:

Thanks brother

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Hi Yinon,
Have you figured this out?

Using html I can RTL text but didn’t find a way to RTL a component