I really hope you add the option to GLIDE PAGES
of a rich text component that can apply CSS styling to the page
Just like in GLIDEAPP (even if it is not supported by you)
It’s very convenient and powerful, CSS can be activated according to conditions and more…

It also saves the custom CSS mess that GLIDE PAGES currently has
Instead of putting everything as one huge file with lots of lines of code
I can break it down per page and locate and understand in a second

Friends, vote is a must in GLIDE PAGES
Always helpful to everyone and very flexible
Consider activating CSS according to conditions - very powerful :slight_smile:

We will never do this. We regret this loophole in Apps.


:wink: why do you regret that?

Hi David
First of all, thanks for the answer and attitude
Please I would like to know why?
Did I miss something
What does it bother?

There is a hidden world behind CSS, and answering this question will not do any good for anybody :wink:
Let’s stick to Pages… and hope they give us a Fixed element so I don’t need to write so much code for my customers.

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I still insist :slight_smile:
It is so essential
What does it bother?
Those who want to use and add CSS should do so
Those who don’t want to don’t use it
In my opinion, it really enhances GLIDE PAGES

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Yes… but like I said before… there is a dark side to that…and is darker than Mumbai night in the winter time.

OK at least vote for it :slight_smile:

Why?.. it will never happen… that is one of the main reasons they created pages… they could just improve Apps :wink: