I wanted to ask if it is possible to add in GLIDE PAGES
It will be possible to add the CSS code in each component separately
The problem:
Once you have a lot of CSS in a project and it’s in one place as a huge list
Everything becomes messy and cumbersome to find and remember what you did in the project

with CSS in each component separately
I can access in a second and understand what I did in the design for that component

I would be happy if you add this - for good order in every project

No, that’s not possible.

In my humble opinion, it is enough to be orderly in what you do.

Classified your modifications with your own recognition technique and made a #F to search for your tags.

For exemple



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Hey :slight_smile:
And at least in the future do you intend to do something like GLIDEAPPS?
Rich Text - which can contain CSS on the page

If you mean you want to add CSS on a rich text component and it would work like Apps, then I don’t think they will ever go with that direction. The rich text CSS in Apps was never officially supported and only existed as a community workaround.

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How can this post be turned into a Request a Feature?