Custom CSS for pages as a separate paid future ❤️

Hi, please vote for this one.

** Currently Glide doesn’t support RTL language

As an RTL language user CSS can help with fundamental UI/UX needs for projects.

I wish it will be the same as labeling 10 USD per app per month for any paid plan.

Please vote and comment below to raise this request.

it should be free, and exactly the same way as in Apps, which will improve Pages UI, which is really bad now… also will make more users come to Pages.

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I wish, but if Glide asks for 250 USD per month for this, probably it won’t come without cost.

Please vote (:

yes, I think they target business customers with pages, which can’t afford developers, You can go around with HTML and get similar results as CSS… but it is more work and not all tricks can be done.

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This is ok for text, but not collections, images, and much more

what do you mean? only collections, and fixed elements… the rest you can do with just HTML.

I’m making my templates for Pages, and it is going not bad… still I wish it can look like Apps… but, better than native Pages.

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Custom CSS for Glide Pages is a premium feature available on our Business plan. This feature is not for supporting RTL languages. While you can build a RTL project with Pages CSS, it is not recommended and not a good long-term solution.

We would like to support RTL languages in our products and have no intention on charging extra for it. I don’t have an ETA to share but I’m hopeful we’ll get to it in 2023.

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All of the “fixes” like grouping, manu, and all make it very hard to use. and it looks bad.

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I definitely agree that CSS is not the best way to do this. But it is a solution that can happen now and not someday in the future.

It’s q must!