Button Colour/Color in Glide Apps (ex Pages)

Hi guys,

Just want to confirm my thinking on button colours…

Since Pages (or Apps - now) doesn’t support CSS I am assuming that there is no way to change the colour of a button.

In Classic apps - you had limited control over button colour using different ‘moods’; or via CSS.

Being able to make a button ‘red’ for instance - as a signal for danger is very useful from time to time.

In the meantime I have been able to achieve this outcome by simply inserting an image of the button in the colour I want and then attaching an action to it. It achieves the outcome well when viewed on a smartphone - but can be a bit variable on large screen devices as they all seem to render slightly differently and it becomes more obvious that the coloured button isn’t, in fact, a button - but an image with an action attached to it.

I am still relatively new to Glide and may be overlooking a simple way to achieve the outcome I am after.



Hey! Which pricing plan do you use? If you have the Busines or above you can use CSS in Glide Apps (pages)

Hi Petr,

Thank you for your super-speedy reply!

I have the NFP (Not for Profit Plan) - which I understand is the Business Plan minus Glide support (have to use the Community - which I have always found to be fantastic); and GET ROWS API functionality.

I have just checked the specs again for the NFP plan and it is silent on the CSS capability - so perhaps it is not included.

Is there a simple piece of CSS I could run - so that I can check myself without having to bother the Glide support people?

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Did you see that page? :slight_smile:

As I know, that should work for non-profit plans. The logic of implementation is a bit different comparing to the classic Glide Apps, but it’s still quite easy

Hmmm… thanks for the vid.

So it seems that if CSS is included in my Plan I should see the custom CSS box in the Appearance screen witin settings:

…or does it need to be ‘enabled’ from somewhere?


I don’t believe it’s supported on the NFP.
@kyleheney can confirm that.

Ah, yes, I think you are right Darren, shame on me

I have a non-profit client and we had that plan previously, but I think we changed it to business before I started using CSS there

Seems like Kyle confirmed it here.

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Thanks Guys,

Kyle is my ‘Glide Expert’ I use on my various projects - he is excellent. I will check with him to see if the NFP plan he uses has CSS enabled.

I will be upgrading plans soon anyway - so the problem will solve it self one way or another.

Thanks everyone for their help. The Glide “family” is so obliging!


You might be able to create a custom HTML button in the Rich Text field and attach an action to it. Should work on any plan.

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Thanks Joe - I will give that a whirl.

Many thanks,


Do you by chance have an example of doing this?

Here is an example:

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So sorry Darren I was referring to the html version since I am only on the Pro account level.

That is a HTML version, with inline styling. It can be used on any plan with the new Glide Apps.

thank you as always!
Ok that is an awesome bit of knowledge to use and it worked perfectly! Rounded the corners and love the results!
I SOOOOO appreciate the community with Glide! Makes the entire process even better than just the Glide product!!

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