Customize buttons (css)

Hey Guys,
I’ve seen people requesting a feature to customize button position, color, width etc.
Since it’s not available yet, and Glide recently announced that custom code (as far as I understood both HTML and CSS) is no longer available through the Rich text element. Is there any way I can change the background color of a button or change the CSS Flex/ display mode?

Although not officially supported, it does appear that most CSS tweaks will continue to work. Have a look through the below:

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Oh wow, thanks @Darren_Murphy :slightly_smiling_face:

Glide has added Custom CSS fields in buttons in Glide Pages. Any idea how tu use that to grey out the Submit button ?


Might just be a test so that people can “name” their own class. As of now, custom CSS on Pages is only available for Business & Enterprise.

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