Offer the CSS also for the pro plan

I hesitate to buy glide because Glide does not offer any customization, to be able to personalize or animate one or the other element, glide opens the way to personalized code, ok that’s fine…
But why not open this way “also” for pro plan users.
It’s either the “non-profit” users who can access this function or the business plan, in my opinion it’s inconsistent! and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that.
Why force a new user to buy a business account just to have access to this function “maybe a marketing choice”. Maybe…Get an intermediate plan or increase from $99 to $120/month.
I don’t need more users and more data and more integration. I just need to be able to introduce custom code because glide does not give the option to personalize the application at a minimum. For example: I don’t find it normal that I have to have only primary and not secondary buttons in my interface, I also don’t understand why, I can’t choose to have a full page photo without padding or corner and without having to craft or pimp my glide app as 3 year old child. I would like to point out that I’m not saying that nothing is good, I find the tool very good and I know the team work hard, but it’s frustrating to tell myself that I’m going to have to “maybe” turn to another solution.
Thank you for your attention

While I, too, would love the flexibility to have CSS at every level, Glide has no plans to offer app-wide CSS at the Pro tier.

Pro = no-code options
Business = low-code options


My point of view is that design is difficult and important. Difficult to the point where most people – especially me – don’t have above-par designing skills (by definition), so if apps are to look half decent, better not let people mess with design. Important because everything else being equal, a well-designed product will be loved and used more than one poorly designed. This is the reason I choose Glide over other solutions: Glide offers a nodesign builder where the developer need not worry too much about design, apps look good out of the box (and are getting better) and Glide takes care of maintenance over the lifetime of the app to stay up-to-date on trends.

It’s difficult for me to understand why CSS is offered at any plan. Perhaps pressure from high-paying clients or corporate clients needing branding? But even then, why offer CSS and why not offer nocode branding options, I’m not too sure I understand. Bad habits (CSS) die hard :wink:

My favorite quote of the week:

“No more ugly software. Life is too short.” – David Siegel, CEO at Glide

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Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:, so now this is clear for us. We will work with flutterflow

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