Methodology to move an Glide App to Pages

Sooo…if I move my App to Pages…is their a check list of things/gotchas to be aware of?

I have seen items like Phone and Maps don’t work…any other big or little items? CSS - that I use in App for things like displaying tables and locking a rich text field on the top of the screen - now requires a $250/month account?

Is there some Glide document that covers how to make the decision/trade-offs?

Shouldn’t their be a Glide Page to handles the migration set-up/checklist/tracking … hint/hint @Robert_Petitto @Darren_Alderman; a Web App AKA a ‘do/doing/done’ work list (Kanban??) specific to App migration to Pages.

@david - as a citizen-developer; this migration is SCARY

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I plan on creating a comparison and “recommended migration methods” video once more components are (re)introduced to Glide Pages. Should land sometime end of Q1.


You can still create html tables with inline CSS in a rich text component. Basically build your own components. What you can’t do is manipulate existing glide components using CSS unless you have a business plan. So, yes you can still build an html table. No, you can’t lock it to the top of the screen…I don’t think.

A ton of new work is going to land in Pages before we discuss more about migration–we have at least 10 new Pages components landing in the next couple months. I would not spend too much time worrying about how Pages as it exists today will migrate.

@MattLB you should expect all CSS via Rich Text components to break. There is not any solution in Pages for this. That is an unsupported feature that you should not be using.


Agree on CSS - the main use is for a locked in heading at the top (shows your current view/context) which would be handled differently in Pages for Web. For ‘App’ - a similar functionality via a ‘floating’ text would be cool.


The second use case is how I present correlated information in a ‘tight’ format in Apps via an html table presented as rich text/CSS (thanks to @Darren_Murphy for the cool idea) - attached. Maybe in a container this can be presented similarly within Pages.

Thank you for the update.


Just a thought on the floating page heading…could you just manipulate the page title instead? The title is always visible at the top.

A manager can dive into/view different teams they manage and it is hierarchical; the ‘floating/stuck’ highlight text provides the manager the context of who/what team info they are looking as well as what the rollups represent.

The UI is the same but the data sets are different. Southwest and Rockies are two different teams that report into the West

Within Apps this was a clean UI. It will be rethought in Pages.




Right, but I think the title can be driven from a dynamic column value. Since I don’t know much about your project, I would think that at the very least, you could maybe have a custom action that sets a value in the user profile (such as Rockies, or West), and then base the screen title on that value in the user profile. Maybe you could use a table other than the user table, but the general idea would be the same.

I guess on closer examination, you can’t choose a screen title from the user profile, but you can still choose a title from a column in the table your screen is attached to.

Also, it appears that the title is only visible in mobile view, and not in desktop view (so not always on the screen) which probably wouldn’t be ideal if a user is on desktop view.

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