Glide mobile app VS Glide web pages

Apart from the fact that the glide web pages have a bigger layout and new special components, can you help me better understand the differences between glide mobile app towards glide web pages?

I ask this question because I would like to implement a glide web page for the next project, but I’m afraid of getting surprises because I have similar expectations of glide mobile apps.

  1. I discovered that web pages are not convenient for setting up an e-commerce site which has numerous registered users

  2. I found that CSS is not applicable

  3. I found that the Glide logo cannot be removed even in the paid versions

  4. Does it seem that they are not easily indexable in search engines? (I’m asking for confirmation)


:thinking: So I have to deduce that the glide web pages are only useful for creating b2b backend environments?
Or can we also find other application scenarios?

Please, if someone from the Glide team reads me, I ask this not in a polemical tone, but just to understand if glide web pages can offer me new opportunities to target customers other than those I currently follow.



No webview - so I’m not even looking at Pages.


Oh thanks! I didn’t realize this. I really need information of this kind.

Great idea to open this thread. I am also interested in the differences. It seems there is more that I also didn’t know about pages limitations or restrictions compared to the mobile App. An example being that webview is not an option in pages as Mark has shared above.


Yeah, I think people have reported that many things in Apps are not available in Pages yet. Would appreciate a full list from whoever has tried it.


Hi, just starting to test Glide Pages.

My conclusion (after only 1h working on it, so I may have missed some elements) is that it has clearly a great potential, but at this stage, it is still in its infancy in comparison to Glideapps.

The “plus” that I see are mainly:

  • containers
  • navigating menu
  • sub actions (ex. add a button in the image of an inline list, cf picture below)
  • breadcrumbs
  • various “title” component formats
  • Of course, the webapp look & feel (responsive)


  • no text component out of rich text
  • no custom action in “sharing”, “rich text”, “form”…
  • no “comments”, “private note”
  • less customization on image
  • no webview
  • no edit screen (but can be simulated with a button + custom action)
  • only 1 type of button format
  • chart component availability?
  • not clear if “google sign in” is possible
  • we cannot migrate our Glideapps to Glidepages
  • cannot test the app with other users without subscribing
  • pricing is just impossible (Glide team announced that they will review it in 2022)

Just a fresh feedback




Adding to @AyS_0908 great feedback I don’t believe the chart component is available in pages yet.

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Hi @Mark,
Glide Pages is really a promising proposition, even if we cannot yet build as many things than on Apps (very first attempt to summarize gaps: Glide mobile app VS Glide web pages - #6 by AyS_0908).

Do you have a roadmap of migration of features from Apps to Pages?
For some of us who have several apps to build, according to your roadmap, we may decide to postpone some of them to wait for Pages to be comparable to Apps.


We don’t have a roadmap at the moment, but we will be spending a lot of work on Pages in the coming year.


Is there any further feedback to this comparison. We are using Glide app and finding users not happy with the display on desktop or tablet.

My summary of the two, which may be wrong. Glide pages make a cool website where your intention is for users to browser on their PC. Glide app make an application that is only intended for mobile but in some ways is supported to view on desktop but will look like a mobile scaled up.

I feel like there should be a connection between them or at least a way for them to run concurrently depend on the device a person is using.

I think you’re on point here. Glide Pages makes the experience of browsing a Glide product much better on desktop, which was not truly the case in Glide Apps’ responsive desktop version. Pages’ design has also improved a lot since its release, I have a lot of good words to say about that.

Those are 2 different products, and as I understand, with some difference on how they’re built, so I wouldn’t think of something like that in near future.

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Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the improvements to Glide Pages is there any guide available that shows these enhancements? Are some of these enhancements improving the mobile responsiveness of pages?

Do you maybe have any suggestions/thoughts on how I can evaluate how to convert my app to a page if these enhancements are better?

As far as I aware, no, but design-wise Pages offer different things to Apps, namely the container component and the ability to have multiple columns within a container, which has been a game changer.

I assume you mean you design this orientated towards the desktop users and you want to know how good the mobile version of that is? I would say it’s pretty good, albeit the images are sometimes too big for my liking, but you can make do with container workarounds to make it smaller.

You can just use the “make Page from data” feature for apps. The layout won’t be transferred over, but you can work with Pages in the builder first, then try publishing it and use it on devices to see if it fits your need.

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Most of the more significant updates are listed on the Product Updates page.

Awesome! Thanks for all the feedback. I know there is the option to hire an expert which maybe be a good option but I have no idea where to begin with that. I will continue on my merry way for now with this new info.

Wow thanks again for the feedback. I need to brush up on the Pages and these other components.

Just to understand so can you use the same sheet for both Pages and Apps concurrently?

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You can use the same data with as many apps and pages as you want.

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You can find an option to book an expert here, or just submit a request, we will claim your request if it’s a match for us.

Are there any updates on this after Glide announced the update of their design system?

Other main differences I see for Apps over Pages:

  1. Floating buttons - good UX
  2. Buy button & shopping basket integration via Stripe

Glide Pages is now Glide’s feature product, Glide Apps will gradually be phased out.

All product updates here

The button and button block components were just revamped. The floating button is not available. I also hope they’ll bring it back, we’ll see.

Glide really is a platform to build internal business apps and Glide is not only sticking to this positioning but reinforcing it. Do internal business apps really need e-commerce features such as the buy button and shopping basket? I don’t have the data, but I would guess rarely.