Can I convert a Glide Page into a Glide iPhone app?

Can I convert a Glide Page into a Glide iPhone app?

I see that I can convert a Glide iPhone app to a Glide Page, but not the other way around? Is this correct?

So if I chose wrong from the beginning and worked countless hours into the project, then realize I needed an iPhone app, there is no way to convert it into an iPhone app again?

Glide apps aren’t iphone or android specific. They are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) that work on any device with a supported web browser.

How are you able to convert a glide app into a glide page? I’m not aware of such a feature.

As @firozkhanuk1214 pointed out, apps and pages will both work on mobile devices, as well desktop devices, but apps are more geared towards the look and feel of a native app on a mobile device. Pages are more geared towards the look and feel of a website on larger devices, such as a desktop. Both apps and pages can still adapt to different screen sizes, so will work on mobile as well as desktop environments.


I think he’s referring to this option.


Yes, That’s the one. thanks ThinhDinh.

I don’t like using Glide Pages on iPhone because it stays in Safari/Chrome and the bottom buttons do not get anchored so the page gets too many distractions from within a browser. Glide App, on the other hand, at least takes up the whole screen, anchors the bottom buttons, and does not feel like living within a browser.


Hi guys. So is there a way to convert an entire Glide Page project to a Glide App one?
Free GPages have a 100 rows quota for sheets. GApps have 500 available. So it’s pretty easy to reach that limit. I’d like not to do all the work again.

No, at the moment I think you can only transfer an app’s data to a page (not the design), not the other way around.

Hi all,
First, I agree that this option of “New Page from data” is rather confusing.
Second, I was surprised there’s no straightforward way to transition from a Glide App to a Glide Page, including all tabs, layouts, actions, etc. Is there such a feature and I missed it?
Third, on the surface, Glide Pages seem to be a great upgrade from Glide Apps. However, I’ve noticed several topics in the community saying that Pages is actually not that good. Assuming a use case in which many users will work from a Windows PC, will it be better on Pages or Apps? The natural answer is “Pages”, as this is exactly why they came to life, but these posts seem to pull the rug under that concept.
Same question from a different angle: what’s the difference between tablet mode in Apps and desktop mode in Pages?
As you can understand, I’m very much inexperienced with Pages… :slight_smile:

No, you did not miss it. The design isn’t transferred, I think partly because there are a lot of different things between apps and pages. Pages includes layout designs that apps don’t have, and apps have components that pages don’t currently have.

I would not say this, each has its own strengths, I would use Glide Pages for cases where your users work on desktops, apps would be great for mobiles.

Glide Pages, for me, is better than Glide Apps’ desktop layout. However, as I said above, there are a lot of different things between apps and pages functionality-wise, at the moment.

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Thanks. So there’s no plan to offer an easy transition process from apps to pages (and perhaps vice-versa)?

I don’t work for Glide, so I can’t say for sure, but until they’re on the same page functionality-wise I don’t see that happening.

Hi @ThinhDinh,

Do you know if the columns in the builder will be kept synchronised with “New page from data” option?

The app I’ve developed for my company would bring more to some departments if it would be in Pages mode (HR or CRM for example). So we would work with both the app and pages.

Any inputs about this?