Glide Pages merging with Glide Apps?

Will we be required to turn our apps into pages or our pages into apps prior to the merge or will this be a new build altogether?

I think we are a year or more out before Apps go away completely. They will most likely disable the ability to create new apps sometime this year, but existing apps will still function normally. Glide will be discussing the transition process with experts over the next several months. I think there is a likely chance that glide will build a process to handle the conversion automatically. It’s in their best interest to make the process as smooth as possible. Not only from a customer perspective, but to simplify the maintenance of their back end by having a a single unified product. Before that happens, they will continue to bring over features from apps into pages, so hopefully when the time comes, a conversion will have minimal impact with maybe some minor cleanup required by us at most.

Once some additional enhancements are made to pages, I may attempt to rebuild my app myself to get a head start. Haven’t decided or made any immediate plans yet. For the most part, I’m not overly concerned, since I think we have at least a year before we get to that point. I think in a year, Pages will be light years ahead of where it’s at now and where Apps are now. Sounds like they have some major enhancements in store.

For new projects, I’d say build in Pages if you can. For existing projects, I would hold off on rebuilding as a Page until we learn more from Glide, unless you are feeling ambitious.

I think some people are getting overly excited about something that is a year out and only looking at pages as they are now. Pages have changed a lot in the past few months, and I can only imagine what they will be in a year. I think back to when I started using glide in early 2019. Half the components we have now. A fraction of the functionality, No data editor, or computed columns. Absolutely everything had to be done in a google sheet. So much has changed since those days

Glide has changed immensely in the past few years. Last year they focused on the new computation model on the back end, and cleaning that up, which leads the way to this year, where they can now focus on forward facing enhancements and functionality.

I think it will be an exciting year of new stuff coming out fast and furious.


I don’t know if I quite addressed this clearly enough. Apps will go away. Pages will stay going forward. It will not be a new third product. If you currently have page projects, then there is nothing that will change except further enhancements. Apps in their current state, are legacy and will eventually become Pages. Apps will not receive further enhancements going forward. In the end, Pages will be the single unified product in the future.

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We’re also confident that Glide will continue to make things better over time and agree with you Jeff that in a year the platform will progress even further.

But right now… we have a single app built in Glide for the events and conference space that has been a hit with our National client base. We duplicate that one app for every event and re-brand / configure for multiple events during the year.

If Glide DID NOT add another feature to Glide Apps going forward we would still be perfectly happy with this offering. We have NO need to move to Pages at this point since we build for mobile devices and NOT desktops. We build websites in a totally different toolset when needed.

So, as long as Glide DOES NOT take away the ability to “Duplicate” an app and tweak that New copy (even if it is Legacy) we will be perfectly happy.

But if they “Force” us over to Pages and lock us out of our existing App potential, we will be “Extremely” upset as will our nationwide client base. Keep listening to ALL of your customers Glide and consider all feedback before making decisions that may tank many mid-sized software companies like us.

Keep Gliding! :blush:


I’m not going to hold an opinion either way, because I think it’s still much to early to get worked up about the transition. I personally would still like to see some additional components and formatting option within Pages before I jump in, but it’s getting closer.

But I will ask this…have you tried rebuilding your project in Pages (or at least a rough draft), but using the mobile view insead of a desktop view? I would argue that the mobile view in Pages is very similar to Apps. The added advantage is that if a user views the page using a desktop, everything will scale to a desktop view instead of showing an emulator or using App’s version of full screen (which is not great in my opinion). You can’t control which device someone is going to use, but I think the advantage to Pages is that it can adapt very well. On mobile devices, it will still function like an app, but on larger devices, it will rescale to fit that device’s resolution. That feels like a better experience compared to a user seeing the emulator or App’s version of full screen.

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Yes, we have kicked the tires on Pages but it does NOT give us what we need right now compared to our app built on Glide Apps. Our app is marketed as an “App” for primary use during the conferences and events by attendees. They are NOT walking around with PCs, just mobile phones and the occasional tablet which works perfectly in Glide’s App tablet view. We don’t need to scale up to a full screen. Totally different use case than others that may be currently finding Pages more suitable for their client needs.

P.s. The “Emulator” view in apps on a full screen makes for a very nice printed poster (with QR code) for event attendees to point and download at check-in. :smile:

Understandable, but pages can still be app and mobile device focused. It’s not strictly a desktop platform. You just build it using the mobile view instead of desktop view, and design it how you want it to look on a mobile device instead of designing it for a desktop device. Then if, someone just happens to view it on a PC, then it will reflow accordingly. It’s all the same in your eyes as a mobile app, but with the added bonus of a more thoughtfully laid out desktop view in case you need it.

Overall, I would give it some time. Nothing drastic is changing tomorrow, or in the next couple of months. I’m sure Glide will give us a heads up beforehand. I’m sure that they want to get more things squared away with Pages before anything happens. I wouldn’t make any rash judgements until that time comes. At that point, if Pages still doesn’t fit the bill then that’s the time to raise hell. In the meantime I would still stick with your App, but maybe start working on a Page version. If something is still missing, then come back in a month and see if there are any new Page features to help you along. Hopefully eventually you could have something built and ready to go in the event that you need it. You may be surprised and like the end result better.

I’m not jumping the gun, trying or worrying about pages and getting my apps switched over. At some point I would like to start rebuilding my primary app as a Page, but I have plenty of time before I have to worry about that.

As for duplicating an app, unfortunately I don’t have an answer regarding that ability in the event that they turn off the ability to create a new app. If it’s anything like how the original My Apps folder currently works, you can’t create a new project, but you can still duplicate an existing project, so there are ways around it currently.

This is something that could very easily be recreated using a screenshot of the mobile view of the page in the builder, a QR code generated from the url, and some quick copy and paste work in a word processor or photoshop. Pretty trivial to recreate.


As an expert - please push for this when the transition/no-new-app-creation is implemented.

Duplicating an App is crucial for support.

Unfortunately I have just as much influence as you do. I’m also in that “wait and see what happens” phase. I’m all for switching to Pages when it becomes feasible to do so.

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