Future of App side of Glide

I am using Glide to build apps for my intensive course students in China. (This is about 1000 students per year - so quite small). This is part of a longer term plan to use the apps more widely with my general (non-intensive) course followers in China (c600,000 - so much bigger).

My interest is definitely in the App side not Pages, so I was surprised watching the video about future plans to hear that Glide’s future is in Pages not the App!

Does this mean that I should think about a different platform (not using the Apple App store is a vital part of giving access in China - and even then it needs a VPN)?

Can phone Apps migrate to Pages easily, and is building the application using Pages and then having a mobile version the same process as now with the App? My students definitely only want the mobile version.

Do you think Glide will discontinue adding features to the App?

Does anyone have any views on these issues?

I am enjoying using Glide and it is working well for my students - but I was a bit disappointed by the video about future plans.

Thanks for your help.

Paul Winterbottom

Pages are really no different as far as a mobile experience. You can build them with a mobile view and you view them on a mobile device. The bonus is that they also adapt well to desktop screens.

Please read though this thread.


Pages will become an improved version of Apps.


OK Thanks. I’ll trust you!