Glide Page vs Glide Apps

Currently, I have 4 Pro Glide Apps that we are using.
I want to know what a big different with the Glide Page?

Should or shouldn’t convert to Glide Page ?
and why…

and also, if i should convert to Glide Page, it is allowed for us to duplicate all the component that I’ve been created in Glide Apps?

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Glide Pages and Glide Apps are two distinct products with different navigation models and features. Glide Pages is more attuned to desktop use, while Glide Apps is more suited for mobile use. It is possible to duplicate components from Glide Apps to Glide Pages, but it is not recommended as the two products have different navigation models. Glide Docs • Glide Pages

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The Glide Apps product is already Glide’s legacy (=old) solution, all applications are to be moved over and built on Glide Pages moving forward. It is likely that Apps will be renamed Legacy and Pages renamed Apps. So stick to the new Glide Apps (=Pages).

There is no rush to rebuild you Apps project in Pages. At one point Glide might provide a feature to move over projects with no effort. But if you feel ready to rebuild in Pages, you can too of course.

Usage of the new Glide Apps (Pages) versus the legacy Glide Apps (Apps):

  • Legacy: great on mobile, average on desktop and tablet
  • Pages: great on mobile, desktop and tablet

I see, about pricing… i need to ask you on Apps & Pages for $99/month . Unlimited meaning ? can create unlimited apps?

Unlimited number of projects, whether these projects are Pages or Apps projects.

if i need to duplicate/convert, from apps to pages . how ya? and any fastest solution to migrate from App to Page?

Another one question,

i just try out on Glide apps…
This is from the builder

But when i open with the phone, it become like this.:
cannot see the number .

Additional question:
Right now , i have four Glide Apps ( two Glide Pro and two Glide Pro Apps)

Can i go to $99 without touch the existing Glide Apps yet. I will convert to Page whenever I am ready . Can i ?

Great questions.

In the dashboard, on the app’s card, upper right hand corner, open the menu, there you can create a Pages project from the app.

What you see in the display editor in Glide and what you see live in production might be different, depending on what device you are using for the live version. When you build, it can also be a good idea to publish your project and have an extra browser tab open with the live version. In that tab, in developer tools, you call simulate the display of the app on different devices.

You can convert your projects to Glide Pages when you are ready, there is no rush. According to the most recent announcements, Glide will maintain Glide Legacy projects for at least another year and will let the community know by when legacy projects absolutely need to be transitioned to Glide Pages.


So, if I subscribe the plan now, nothing will change?

You will most likely need to create a new team folder. If you are on an older legacy plan, then the biggest thing to consider is the limits applied to the new team folder. Most limits apply to the folder as a whole, but some limits, such as row counts apply to each individual project. I suggested paying close attention to the pricing page and the limits to each plan. It is may be nore restrictive than you are used to with old legacy plans. If you fit within those limits, then you can transfer your old apps and they will continue to work as they did before. Just a note that you may need to downgrade your old projects before transferring to a new team folder. Once you downgrade, there is no going back to those old legacy plans.


As the Pricing page i cannot compare since there’s no more Legacy pricing. So, i didn’t know whether i’m downgrading or what . But my plan is, i have 4 apps currently $122 in total. If I change subscription to Pro Plan $99 since its unlimited Apps or Pages. It is the same thing i need to consider as you stated above? anything else that i need to worry?

The biggest things to look out for are:

  • The number of rows allowed per project.
  • The number of updates (adds, edits, deletes, syncs) allowed per team.
  • The number of Public and Private users allowed for the team.
  • White labeling
  • File storage
  • Any features that you may have now, but aren’t available in the Pro plan.

Those are the main ones to consider. Having multiple projects in the same team folder may affect how quickly you could exceed those limits. It would be best to check your average monthly usage for each of your projects and see where all fit into the new plans…especially if you combine them into the same team folder.


I am sorry if I go deeper about this kinda thing but this is the scariest part . So i need to double confirm if there’s any changes or i need to rebuild or what.

This is my current apps:

And this is the Pro plan:

So ,

Same, for legacy apps & pro apps with the New Pro Plan : 25,000 per project

No information for the Legacy apps

Also no information for Legacy apps , it become like this since morning.

No information for Legacy

I want to ask 50GB for New Pro is for all project?

This was not a consideration for legacy apps. This is new with the new team plans, so you need to make your best guess how many Adds, Edits, Updates, and Syncs occur with all of your apps.

I believe the legacy plan has unlimited Public users, but there was the 20 Private User rule with $2 extra per additional user. With legacy plans, I think you had to deliberately have a Private Plan to have Private features. Now you get the allotted number of Private Users included. Now, users are considered Private if your app privacy is set to Private, or you Whitelist your users, or you utilize Role functionality.

I don’t remember anymore, but whitelabeling might have been included with the Pro plan and above.

Yes, that’s the total for all projects in the team folder.

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Seems like the benefits of my current four Apps is equal with the New Pro plan $99.
If i need to change the subscription plan now, i just need to click Upgrade and no changes on my apps right?

I’m pretty sure you need to transfer those apps to a new team folder. The My Apps folder is now a legacy folder. You can downgrade apps, but you can’t upgrade them. The My Apps folder is mostly locked down.

Once you create a new team folder and upgrade that team to a PRO plan, then you can downgrade the apps in your My Apps folder and transfer them to the new team folder. Then they will become part of the new team folder billing.

If you have any remaining credit on your old apps, you will have to contact support to get that credit transferred to the new team folder.

After i transfer to the new team folder, is the features, components and all the calculation got changes because i have to downgrade before transfer to the new team folder.

But why i have to downgrade before transfer to the new team folder?

Or can i create a new team folder and upgrade that team to a PRO plan and straightway transfer Apps to the new team folder? No downgrade step needed?

You cannot transfer apps between teams if they are on a paid plan. That’s why you have to downgrade first.

When you downgrade, your app will function as a free app. You shouldn’t lose anything once you transfer to the new team folder. Everything should function as it did before.

If you are feeling unsure, then I suggest contacting support to discuss the process and any concerns you may have.

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You might want to double-check that the features you use in your legacy pro apps are also available in the new pro apps.

I noticed you use the signature component? I’m not in front of a computer, I cannot remember if that component is available in Pages.

Other considerations: CSS, web embeds.

Not yet, but it’s coming

Still fine as long as the Apps in the new Plan still can use the features, as for now.