Glide Pages launches today!

Please check it out!


Happy news !

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I wish you a good launch.
One question :
made with glide

From which plan “Made with glide” is deleted ?

Thank you

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Thank you Dilon,
Arfff I really wanted to use this solution without the branding, unfortunately I will have to use a competitor.


UX&UI, easy to use, fit the era Easy to customize. I like it. Ready to pay. But waiting to update the functions that Glideapp has and Glidepage doesn’t have before such as calendar , webview , chart , progess. So I’m wow and very excited for the update.


Tons of updates with the launch too! New title styles, container styles, and more! Looks like most of what was in Staging has come to production with today’s launch.



I just made my first Page… still some issues, but it looks pretty nice!
I think some more features from app should be moved here :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:t3:

PS: Nice guys, you removed all my filters :astonished::scream::face_with_head_bandage::grinning::+1:

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common guys, remove the brand in pro plan :expressionless:



Congrats! would not have been possible without Glide Pages #upvote

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Simply awesome!

  1. Can we start building Pages Themes?
  2. Is Pages copyable?

I’ve been waiting for this feature/product since I started using GlideApps.

After spending an hour working on it, I’ll be waiting quite a while until it matures before embarking on a future planned project. :frowning:

I had hoped for better integration between my App and Pages. I’m using the same GSheet in both products, but all of my custom columns are missing from Pages. I don’t want to recreate them, I want to use the columns I have in my App.

Paying another $40 per month for a desktop version of our App - OUCH, that hurts! I think this is going to cause a roadblock for us. I’d happily pay a little more on my App subscription for full Pages integration, but not another $40.

I know it’s early stages, but there are a significant number of components missing when compared to Apps. If I wanted to recreate a desktop version of our App in Pages, it’s not possible without more cross-component compatibility. This seems like a huge step backwards.

Fantastic concept and I’m sure it will be a huge success. But for us, I’ll wait several months for it to mature.


I agree still not complete to jump in

When it will be possible to use Pages with mobile glide apps? So if I made app, I dont want to recreate it from the begining again for pages.


That’s exactly what I was hoping/expecting. But they appear to be two different products.


Hi @david

The fundamentals of Glide Pages are strong. You can see that the differences between the two platforms have been considered in order to offer a genuinely web experience. I think there is still a long way to go so that Pages can be compared to the features of Apps, but there is something that I consider essential to incorporate as soon as possible:

The visibility of the buttons that generate actions should be conditional for the different users and also fulfilling conditions on other columns.

Congratulations on the launch. I predict that Glide Pages will be an even greater success than Glide Aps in corporate environments as more features and better control of what is displayed or not displayed depending on which user accesses the page is incorporated.

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Please! Insert Webview Component.