🆕 Glide Pages (Beta)

Today we’re releasing our biggest new feature ever: Glide Pages!

Glide Pages are just like Glide Apps, but instead of mobile apps, Pages are fully responsive web apps designed for use on desktop browsers. They can share sheets or tables with Glide Apps to create powerful, multi-platform scenarios.

Glide Pages was built upon many new technologies that will allow Glide to improve performance and handle more data in the future, although for now Pages still have the same 25k row limit as apps. Glide Pages also has some new builder tricks–component groups (“Containers”), for example, which we will bring to Apps eventually.

This is a beta release. This means that we think Pages is stable and ready for production use, but will still receive a lot of polish before an official launch this Fall. Things will change, so if you don’t like change, please wait to use Pages until we officially launch it.

Please start building Pages, share your feedback, and tell us what we can improve!


As it so happens, my very first use case for pages will be to tear the whole HR section out of a current app and rebuild it using pages. For exactly the reasons you mention :joy:

PS. Congrats on the launch, this is all very exciting :+1:


Ah finally it’s here. Congrats on the beta launch!


And one more thing to pay regularly for PrivatePro :frowning:


If you don’t like having more stuff to buy, you better leave now :wink:

We’re going to build a lot more products in the coming years!


Wow…this is a game changer…

No way I am ever leaving glide…

I thought bubble was my next stop but why would I leave now or ever with all these new features and changes.

Congratulations to the glide team :tada::confetti_ball:.


Thank you very much! I’ve been waiting for this feature and can’t wait to try it out :heart_eyes:


Here’s an introductory guide - written by @PabloMFalero! 📃 Introduction to Pages - Glide Library


I don’t mind paying for more quality stuff, but a tier that allows for unlimited apps/pages or a certain amount of apps/pages would be great! Enterprise is more than I need and out of my budget, but I am someone who makes a lot of apps (and soon, pages!), so paying per is a bit complicated.

If a private pro app and a page share a User sheet, do you pay twice for the users each month?


Yep, it seems that you pay twice…

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We have nothing to announce at the moment on this but we are aware of this issue with the pricing model. We are working on a model that should be more able to adapt to your desires here. Again, nothing to announce.

We’re working on this. How do you think it should be priced?

This is a net new thing – you only pay more if you want to buy the new thing. I don’t understand your point.

Well, I am okay to pay for Pages if I want it as a separate product.
But if you mention that it’s 2 approaches to serve the same data, I believe we should share Private pro between App and corresponding Pages.


Yes, we are working to move away from the pay-per-app pricing. We agree, it’s annoying.


It’s definitely a great new feature! Love it, and I’ll be paying for it most likely once it’s out of beta.

But I think the irritation is valid: people purchase a pro app for mobile/tablet/desktop, but then really, the desktop experience is actually in another separate product that you have to buy. This will probably not be an issue with new users who can choose Pages by default, but for existing users it may be a source of friction. That’s my observation anyway :slight_smile: Regardless - it’s a fixable issue whether by new pricing models, messaging, or both, or something completely not imagined (a way to transfer mobile first apps into a Pages app, perhaps?).

Anyway, all of that is not to take from all the hard work that went into the new product! Congrats on the launch team! Time to start building :slight_smile:



This sounds really amazing! I’m going to find out what you guys brought us right now. :clap:


Congrats. This is an amazing system a d I think it will be widely used

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