🆕 Power Hour 🚀 Level Up Your Operations using Glide

Hey eveyone!

Thank you again to those who attended our Power Hour: Level Up Your Operations with Glide. If you missed it, unejoy the recap or join our longing Q&A below!

Here are some takeaways:

Why Lowcode.Agency partners with Glide to build custom operations software?

  • Simple and easy to create beautiful interfaces and user experiences
  • Built-in, scalable performance with responsive support, top-notch video guides, and a vibrant community.
  • New, useful features and improvements are launched regularly.

What are the main benefits of building operations in Glide?

  • Speed and efficiency: Build and ship custom workflows 3x faster than other nocode code tools
  • Real-time design: Give clients a design platform that ensures projects are always up-to-date with current design trends.
  • Flexible pricing: Clients can start from just $25/mo and scale as needed.

Why did they recommend using Glide for operations instead of another nocode tool?

  • Full flexibility to pivot as business needs change and evolve
  • Easy data access and control with multi-level permissions for different users and teams.
  • Powerful integrations to connect and share data across other platforms

Got a burning question?

Join our ongoing Operations <> Glide Q&A below!


Really great presentation, guys! Jesus, always amazed at what you and your team create and love all the process you wrap around it!


Fantastic presentation from all three of you Jesus, Tom, and Mitch. Thank you.


Great to see everyone! @Mitch_Thorp1 @eltintero and I are here for the next hour to answer any questions :rocket:


The link in chat took us to a different place. - where exactly is the Q&A?

Hi! Thanks for joining us! Happy to answer any questions/comments

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Right here!

Great to have you join, @kabookie :pray:

just fyi - the link in chat took me to this page:

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Are you typically recommending Glide Pages these days if most/all people are working on a desktop?

Question to Jesus:

Low/Code builds custom applications, this was made clear in your presentation.

  1. Do you also build repeat applications, i.e. applications you start from a template you might have built and then adapt slightly? (or possibly barely adapt at all)
  2. If you also build repeat applications, what is your ratio custom vs. repeat builds?
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We are liking pages more and more. Their responsiveness is amazing, and the desktop experience is fantastic… while the responsiveness of apps in desktop is mehhh


We NEVER build from a template. All of our projects are 100% custom. There are always similarities, though.


Hello and thanks for the presentation/power hour! I would love direction on properly setting up a paywall using visibility conditions and filters, please. Any guidance is much appreciated. Also, is there a way to prevent people from downloading audio and video from glide apps?

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@Krivo on my side we deal with many teams who are out in the “field”. So, for us we have a pretty even split of Glide Apps and Glide Pages.

But it all depends on the use case.

For example, inventory can be managed from a high level from a Glide Page. But when you’re actually completing a stock count walking around store rooms a Glide App is easier.

And especially if you need signature confirmation of handovers, then Glide Apps are great.


Question to Tom:

Could you tell us how on earth you manage to be so handsome and classy at all times?

You present and moderate beautifully.


A huge thanks once again to @eltintero and @mitch for joining! As promised:

  • Check out Jesus’s fantastic business:
  • Join ‘Glide for Operations’ by the talented Mitch Thorp:

I concur!

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Haha! Stop it - I’m blushing :blush:


@Dorrissa this might be a good start, and if you search here in the forum you’ll find a lot of topics on this.