⚡ Learn How to Streamline Operations with Glide

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Please meet Mitch Thorp (@Mitch_Thorp1) :tada: Mitch has become an ambassador for Glide and will lead ‘Glide for Operations’, a group within our community where you can learn and connect with others who want to turbocharge their company operations.

Mitch will show you how you can use Glide to

  • automate workflows,
  • centralise data and
  • improve productivity to skyrocket your processes.

You’ll learn how Glide can help you manage your things more effectively and make your team more efficient.

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1. Follow GlideforOps on Twitter :bird:

Mitch will be sharing updates, tips, and tricks and answering questions related to using Glide for Operations on Twitter. GlideforOps will showcase how teams can use Glide to power their operations and drive more efficiency. Mitch will be authoring many of the posts himself, so if you have any ideas or requests, please let him know!

Follow here :point_right: https://twitter.com/GlideforOps

2. Join ‘Glide for Operations’ Campfire Hangouts :fire:

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In this live workshop:

  • Learn how Glide can help streamline your operations
  • Explore how to create automation and workflows to save time and improve efficiency
  • Discover some best practices for using Glide in operations

Mitch will show you a powerful template to help you manage the inventory he has been working on.

Got a burning question?

Mitch will be on hand to explore workarounds for any challenges you’re currently facing or to simply chat about Glide for operations.

3. More about Mitch :dizzy:

Mitch has been with us for over a year and has played a pivotal role helping the team here at Glide. He was recently promoted to Special Projects Manager and has used Glide to transform his company’s processes. Whoop whoop :clap:

Mitch is originally from South Africa :south_africa: Mitch has always been interested in how people interact with technology and how it can be used to make their lives better. He’s a big believer in Glide and wants to ensure that our community members working in operations have everything they need to succeed. In his free time, Mitch enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and camping, and has a passion for Apple products :metal:

Please give a big, warm Glide welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you on ‘Learn Glide for Operations’ Campfire Hangouts :fire:!

The Glide Team :heart:


@iamtomgray thank you for your great words!

I am excited to showcase Glide’s abilities in improving your operations. Join me during Office Hours to gain insight into how. Or, feel free to pop me a message.

I am excited about the journey ahead!