Why are certain features not available for Glide pages?


I am new to Glide so forgive me, but why are many features which are available while building a mobile app, not available for web apps? Calendars, progress bars, and other components are not available for web apps. It seems that the web app development on Glide is incomplete. Are these features still under development by Glide?

Yes—Glide is carefully adding components to Glide Pages one at a time. Would love to see progress bar, too!

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Calendar is there if you look for it :wink:

The Checkbox, Like, Favorite, Progress Bars and multicolor options for buttons are components that I wish it had thats missing.

Also wish we had horizontal sliding Lists like on Apps. I know many websites use it and isnt just a mobile thing.

Ya…multicolor buttons would be nice too. My shortlist:

  • Comments Component
  • Progress Bars
  • Button Colors
  • Ratings Component
  • A functional Map on mobile device would be nice (showing all location pins and not defaulting to SF all the time)

  • Location component also would be great


@Robert_Petitto here is an alternative to a progress bar.

<div style="border-radius:15px;background-color:#DDDDDD;"">
  <div style="border-radius:15px;background-color:#29577A;height:15px;width:33%">


Most needed for my work would be some kind of Image Gallery/Slider.

Just spend 2 hours in putting together an Image Array and trying to put it to work only to find out later, through the Community, that it does not work on Pages.

PS Does anybody know how to achieve this in the meantime?

So simple. Nice!

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Please check this.

Thanks again for this. So beautiful in a Custom Collection!


Here is a pretty simple workaround until Glide has a Gallery feature for pages IF your images can be uploaded once and don’t require changing

Use Elfsight, a no-code widget maker to create a slider with a URL that can be shown in a WebEmbed element in pages. Elfsight has a lot of customization options that make it nice to use. You will need to upload the images to Elfsight so this is not a dynamic solution, so may or may not work for your specific project.

Here is a link to a demo I threw together to test viability: https://elfsight-gallery-test.glide.page

To make this, you need to create the widget in Elfsight, then grab the widget installation code, then add to a sandbox template url
https://sandbox.elfsightcdn.com/WIDGET_ID and then use that link as the WebEmbed link.


Really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Playing around with a thought to make it easier to add images - using a social feed widget instead to show only photos from a specific twitter feed. The idea would be to create a twitter account just for image upload and then display all images uploaded to that account. Still not the real solution we need - to upload images directly in Glide pages, but a workaround that is a little more dynamic. You can see sample of this on the demo now for @glideapps twitter feed.

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