Create an image gallery/carousel in Glide Pages

Hi, I’m trying to create an image gallery inside a Glide Pages website.
The page in the website is intended to be a collection of latest events of an association. When a user wants to read more about one of these events, another page should open, with the title of the event, some info and a gallery of pictures.

I’ve read other posts in the forum and tried to create the image gallery following these steps:

  • using Glide database I first created n columns for each picture;
  • I then created an array (“make array”) column where all the photos are combined
  • in the webpage I inserted “+” > “content” > “image”
  • finally I linked the image placeholder to the array column from the database

The issue is that only the first photo of the array is displayed and there are no ways to navigate the gallery (not by swiping on mobile, nor by clicking anything on the screen on a pc). When I inspect the element on Chrome I only see the link of the first image of the gallery, as if the others are not even being loaded.
In the Data Editor I see all the pictures in the array column as intended (see screenshots attached).

What am I missing? Why isn’t this working?

Thank you

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 17.49.36

I don’t believe Pages have the image gallery option yet. Only Apps do. Even if you did get the gallery to work, I don’t think there is a way to assign individual actions or links to each image. What we’ve done in the past with Apps is to use a tiles list with a horizontal layout, or maybe the swipe layout.


Not having the gallery option still available in Pages as @Jeff_Hager said, I think you can define two buttons, forward and backward to which to bind an action that increases / decreases an index.
Then you can define a “single value” column to retrieve the image element from the array using that index.


@roldy’s solution is a good alternative until image carousel in Pages is a thing.

Hi Roldy, thanks for the tips.
If I’m not asking too much, could you please be so kind as to send me a gif/video of the actions you are suggesting so that I can recreate it in my project?
Thank you!

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Sorry no audio in this video, I don’t have the microphone where I recorded it.


Did a video about Image carousel in Pages too in past! : Pages Carousel Wokaround.mp4 - Google Drive

But Roldy’s method is too easy! Thanks Roldy! :muscle: I did not aware that we can do this easily with the Make Array column :man_facepalming:

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Make Array has many many uses. Just ask @Robert_Petitto :wink:


Robert :muscle:

Created a How To video of how I have been creating an image gallery for my Glide Pages projects.


Maybe my newest post on the use of might help.
It has many different image galleries. with Glide