Image Carousel in Glide Pages

I’m aware of the ability to see multiple images as a Gallery in Glide Apps using an array.
But the same behavior does not translate to Glide Pages.

Additionally, it would be great if we could have vertical oriented Tiles, same as Glide apps, so the users could preview multiple images in a Gallery. (sort of like in a product page in Shopify below the primary image.)

For sure!

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each image with separated caption too :blush:

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It’s already available!

I’m sure we’ll have image carousel at some point, it’s requested often. The array method does work in pages though…

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which part ?
the carousel image ?

The array method to build a sudo-carousel works in Pages (now just called Glide Apps). OP had said that it didn’t work, so just correcting that.

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which part ?
the carousel image ?

I’m using a Horizontal grid collection Instead.


The array method to build a sudo-carousel works in Pages

Really? I tried, it’s not working.

Oh, I think I see why it’s not working. If you use a collection then you are going from one record to the next. In the example I used all images in the carousel are on the same row, so a horizontal collection wouldn’t work.

What I have is just a detail page for the photos and buttons to advance through the array.

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Ah, so you built the buttons yourself, it’s not native with the Image component, right?

Classic Glide automatically navigated thru the array of images for you.

Yes, I built the buttons. They just increment/decrement the column that determines which image in the array to display.

Ahh, ok- so it’s not native then.
Used to be a native functionality.

What’s your logic to display a specific photo within the array?

I based my setup on the info in this thread: Create an image gallery/carousel in Glide Pages

Hope that helps.



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