Image Carousel on Glide Pages Not Working For Me


I’m having trouble getting the image carousel to work. Am I doing something wrong?

See super quick vid here: Screen Recording 2022-02-18...

I’ve used Glide Apps in the past pretty heavily. I had a project that I thought might work well in the new Glide Pages product but I’m running into this roadblock early on so wanted to check to see what I’m missing here.

Thanks so much for any help!

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It seems to me that Image Block is not designed to handle carousels like Apps’ Image component. I tried joining & splitting images in Glide Tables but that also doesn’t work.


Curiously, Glide Apps Carrousel component show graciously all the attachments included in a single Airtable multi attachment field. Certainly the inclusion of a Glide App carrousel type component in Glide Pages would solve also this problem in the projected (still in beta) Airtable integration.

There is no Image Carousel in Pages yet.


Do you know if this is still the case? At least, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

It is still the case.

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I need the image carousel in Glide Pages…any news about it?

Not happening yet unfortunately…it’s on their list of to-dos

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Keen to get an image carousel on my Glide Pages app.

I know there is a workaround, but anyone know if the feature is imminent?


I haven’t heard any mentions about that recently, but hopefully they bring that over.

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