Progress Bar Color

Well, here I show you my babies using some CSS code but harmless… they simulate the control of a machine.

I used the most basic and simplest code to avoid upcoming problems, something like this:

<div style ="position: absolute;
top: 10%;
width: 65%;
height: 2%;
opacity: 1.9;
left: 20%;;
background-color: white; 
border-radius: 10px; 
border: 2px solid #ffffff;">

but the big and annoying problem is still adjusting the top position in screen. The PCs have a screen size/resolution, the phones other sizes, the vertical position has its parameters and the horizontal has its own life!!

Unfortunately I have a problem with my PC and software to record a video and show you how it looks in real time but in 2-3 days I think I will fix it if you can see it.