Progress Bar Color

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I think about something, may be it will be great to have different color to progress bar.
We could make different features to column data with this. What do you think about this?
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I’ve asked for this too…especially for gamification purposes.

Vote for it here:
A new home for Glide Feature Requests


Just a question is the gam ification classes app still being used I have submitted quests with no approval

I think it is possible making your own progress bar and using some html code in a Rich Text component.

I know there is some risk with it but the effort and development time is low.

Let me do a test and I will let you know.



Ha. I haven’t been checking it. My app is purely conceptual.

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I tried to make a progress bar with HTML… For now, it doesn’t work and i don’t see how we can create a dynamic progress bar.
My first idea is to create a conditional formatting (like in Numbers (iOS) or in Sheet) in Glide when we make a choice to the values of progress bar component… It will be amazing! and many possibilities will be possible…
What do you think about this? @Robert_Petitto @Mark @JackVaughan
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How did you use html

I used the Rich Text Component

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Something like this

Downloading progress:

We can also use a template to fill the progress

Yes like this

How can you do this?

you take the value of the amount in progress bar with the emplate to replace the part of the value in the code

Hi Laurent,

A dynamic progress bar in Glide is certainly possible. What are you trying to accomplish?

@Robert_Petitto @Laurent_Maleville @Jeff_Hager
i added a

embeded code to rich text component and it started leaving a huge space

@Glider Off topic from this post, but you can’t embed iframe code or JavaScript using rich text. As stated before html is not officially supported and can break at any time, but for the time being, some html does work.

sorry :wink:

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Hi Robert,
Yes, i make a dynamic progress bar. Thank you.
I just want find a new possibility for progress bar with different color for my students. Then, i could show them their progression,
May be will be a new request to progress bar component : a color with number…
See you!

Well, here I show you my babies using some CSS code but harmless… they simulate the control of a machine.

I used the most basic and simplest code to avoid upcoming problems, something like this:

<div style ="position: absolute;
top: 10%;
width: 65%;
height: 2%;
opacity: 1.9;
left: 20%;;
background-color: white; 
border-radius: 10px; 
border: 2px solid #ffffff;">

but the big and annoying problem is still adjusting the top position in screen. The PCs have a screen size/resolution, the phones other sizes, the vertical position has its parameters and the horizontal has its own life!!

Unfortunately I have a problem with my PC and software to record a video and show you how it looks in real time but in 2-3 days I think I will fix it if you can see it.



That looks lovely, sure hope your PC will get well soon :smile:

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