Progress Bars

I see lots of references to a progress bar component and tutorials showing them. But seems like they’ve been removed for some reason from the builder in Glide Pages? What are people using instead?

I really need to implement some kind of status tracker to show where something is in a workflow. Would LOVE to have a progress bar.

Progress bars have never been part of Pages. Only Apps. Maybe eventually it will come over, but it’s not there yet.

This is an alternative that you can build using a Rich Text component to display it and a template column to build the HTML.


You’re a lifesaver, thank you!!

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Can this be done inside Glide Pages free and starter plans?

Yes, it can.

Is that CSS? Can any CSS be used in Pages?
How would i implement that?

Okay thats crazy, figured it out. Thanks, i need to start learning about this more. But i was very excited to hear about the new design features coming up for Glide Pages.
Reason i asked is because a few weeks ago i was told CSS is only available on higher price plans.

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Officially supported CSS is only available in the upper plans for Pages, but this is different. Most people use CSS to manipulate existing Glide components and design. This is inline CSS only affecting the HTML code within itself. Almost like a homemade component.

So to answer your question, yes it’s CSS, but it’s a lot different compared to how most people here are using CSS in Apps.

I just dropped in a rich text component and it worked perfect.

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Good to know👍
There’s only a few design elements i would love to see in Pages, and literally all of the ones i had in mind were on the year end webinar. Progress bars, header title, large images under components, clean "inline lists, floating Tab menu’s.
Flip i can’t wait!
Thanks for the tips👍

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