Help me hide the progress bar number with CSS

Hi all amazing people.

I’m creating a beautiful Glide App (formally called Page) and I’m taking care a lot of the esthetics (only with the default objects, nothing of injected CSS, because I don’t know much about it).

I have a form with some steps. Every new step increases a number in a table that controls the hiding and showing of objects.

Down below I have a progress bar to show you how close you are to finish filling the form.

Everything is great BUT I hate to see the number at the end of the progress bar.

I would love to only see the bar filling up and be able hide the number at the right with some CSS black magic.

Is there some CSS wizard around that would like to help my eyes to feel happy, vanishing that mean number?

Thanks in advance for your time!!!

Do you have access to use CSS (Business/Enterprise plan)?

Hey @ThinhDinh thanks for the fast answer.

I’m in the PRO plan, the 99usd one. I guess I don’t have access to CSS in the “full” way. But I’ve seen some stuff done with rich text…

Yeah, Pro doesn’t have access to CSS to hide a native element like that.

I guess you can try Quickchart.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for the info!

I will take a look into the cloudinary stuff you suggested, but for now my progress bar will stay with that ugly number. My App is almost ready and I have way more important things to tackle than that.

Thanks for your time and fast response!
Very much appreciated.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can build it yourself with a Template column and a Rich Text component.


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