Make Glide tables available as an App?

Hey Gliders,

I don’t know how possible what I wish for is. It would be nice to have Glide tables available as an mobile App (stand alone) for download from the App Store or Andriod store. Much the same way that Google sheets is available as a data source (Mobile App)
This would make starting off projects very simple & quick because users would not need to be infront of the PC to start off on a project. I normally start off my projects from the database and create all my tables that I think I would need and then only when i feel I have enough information, I then work on the User interface from the data editor

The issue that I am continually faced with at the moment is that if I do that starting with Google sheets, I then have to rebuild everything when I get to the data editor.

I don’t know if this should be a feature requests or not but damn it would make things so much simpler for someone who works like me starting off with database creation.
Is this even possible though?

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I believe this is in the works. I saw some concept designs a month or two ago where Glide wants to have a stand-alone version of the data editor. Certainly no ETA on this.


I haven’t seen anything about a standalone for Glide tables, but there is a workaround of sorts.

You can build your database in Airtable and create your app in Glide. Then if you do a duplicate of the app it converts the Airtable base to Glide Tables. You won’t have any relationships carry over but if it’s more about building the base structure that should do the trick.

My issue is about having to redo the computed columns all over again. It’s so time consuming to redo everything sometimes and only to find that you were so far along the database creation process…
Another reason for this is to try and keep within the Glide tables as a data source as I imagine there will be some benefits going forward whether in terms of no synchs necessary or any other features that Glide may release in the future…

Thanks for the info. I can only hope those plans will see the light of day. People are more on their mobiles rather than at their workstations so it’s a no brainer to consider it.

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