Glide App without Google Sheet

Is it possible to develop a Glide data-driven application without Google Sheet?


Check this out

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For now you still need to start your app with a Google Sheet, but you can store all of your app’s data in Glide Tables instead. Soon you will be able to create an app without a Google Sheet attached.


yes, that feature will be so amazing. We all gliders hop it to be available soon

Is the plan long term to have much larger row limits or even unlimited rows in Glide tables?

Yes, for a price :wink:


I am looking forward to this!

One question though, will we be able to make integration with Zapier from Glide Tables?

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I am trying to move an app I have into being mostly glide tables and would like to know if it’s possible to integrate Zapier for automation as in my currently app I have a few bits of automation done through google scripts.

Probably achievable using webhooks depending on specific requirements.

Depends on what type of automation you do, but if you want to interact with the written data then I believe it’s a no go.

I’d like to create new data. My app sends out new challenges to people daily. I believe I can do a mix where the few things that need to be generated automatically can be done google sheet and I can have most of the logic as other columns.

How are you doing this automatically in the Sheets with scripts? What does your script do, does it send email to your users?

It adds a row per user to the challenges tab and emails users, but I’ll probably be handling emails from Glide if I can, but that’s a whole other can of worms I haven’t tested yet.

So that’s a no go with Glide Tables I’m afraid. Until they allow us to interact with it with the help of Scripts/Zapier/Integromat then it’s a no.

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@david I have a 41,000 row table that will be updated a few times/year. It serves as a lookup table for my app. Any info as to whether this can be supported and at what price? Happy to share findings and learnings on this. Without API functionality, I need the full lookup table. Thank you.

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