Glide Table Row Limits & Import

Hi @Mark !
I’m busy building (what I think) is a pretty cool Recipe and Meal planner app and Glide has been fantastic in making this happen.
With the introduction of the Glide Tables, I was very excited to learn about the possibility of the Row restrictions to be eased. I think my app will reach 25K pretty quickly due to the nature of my App where Users can create their own Recipes as well as Add their own ingredients to really personalise their experience.
I’ve pitched to an owner of a Facebook group (with 50k+ eager followers) who is very keen to collaborate - so I’m working hard to convert my google sheets to Glide Tables. This is sadly going to take a long time as I’ve got 200+ columns to recreate and then need to manually create the Recipes as well as load the ingredients as there is no way to upload via csv.

The question I have is two fold:

  1. Is the Row limit a hard limit i.e. when I reach it then no further adds are possible? If so do you know if / when / how I will be able to increase the row limit?
  2. Do you perhaps have any insight as to when the upload feature for data might be made available? Sods law is I could spend weeks capturing data and as I finish the Upload feature is released :smiley:

I’m super excited by the prospects, but row limits could severely hinder the flexibility for users which hopefully there’s a way to navigate around it.

Many thanks for your help!

Regarding the first question, David said you can pay more to increase the limit in the future.

Looking forward to the second option being available as well!

The row limit is more a technical limitation. For Glide Tables the main limitation is how many rows each user can see. If every user can potentially see every row then 25000 is still about the limit. But if you use row owners to limit each user to only their own rows, you’ll be able to have a lot more. The 25000 is not enforced.


Thank you for this @Mark for this clarification.

Thank you @Mark. Could you please describe the technical limitation a bit more to avoid any doubt? It’s probably easier to use a likely scenario:
Users: 5000+

  1. Recipe Table = 50000+ rows (assuming each user creates 10 personal recipes).
  2. Ingredients Table = 25000+ rows (assuming each user adds 5 ingredients)
  3. User Profile Table = 5000 (1 per user)
  4. User Progress Table = 50000+ (assuming each user adds 10 weeks worth of weight loss progress)

Total = 130000 rows for App (obviously not from day 1)

User can Access:

  1. 50 Recipes (40 Public available to everyone and 10 created by the user) - No Row Owner, Filter applied to table
  2. 360 Ingredients (350 Public available, 10 created user) - No Row Owner, Filter applied to table
  3. 1 User Profile
  4. 10 User Progress

Total = 421 rows accessed by User

Question 1: Based on the numbers above, would this app be possible and well clear of the technical limitation?

Question 2: I have to apply a filter (as opposed to using Row Owner) to limit the data for Ingredients and Recipes based on their Email. From a Technical perspective, will this enjoy the same benefit as if I was using Row Owners?

Regarding Row Owner - on my recent post about RowOwners in Glide Tables (Glide Table: Reference Tables OR Combining two Tables into One) I am unable to use Row Owners in its current form.

Apologies for the lengthy response, but I think this will help clarify what the limitations mean in practical terms.
Thank you again for all your help.

If you rely on filters and not on row owners then all the data will still be transferred to the app and kept in memory there, with the result that

  • the filtered out data is not properly protected
  • it will be slow

I don’t have a good solution to your problem right now, other than making two separate lists for private and public recipes.

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Thanks @Mark. Unfortunately using two lists won’t work given there are rollups that would happen across the two lists.
Is there any appetite to allow Row owners on If-Then-Else columns using Email in future? This would give flexibility to allocate the Rows accordingly?