Glide in 2021: New data editor, layout editor and action editor

Just watched the video on Twitter and it seems very exciting.

Probably many of you have used the editor in staging, what’s new here is an action editor that allows us to reuse actions anywhere in the app. It’s gonna be available some time this year!


Exciting times!


Hello :slight_smile: (FirstMessage :slight_smile: Hey Community and Team Glide HAPPY 2021 !! ) I wanted to say that again bravo to all these updates and even more bravos after having tried it as adopted because I saw it work for a few minutes at home in part on the “go…” and also clicked on a now-missing link that I can’t find on the “community…” :(? (:white_check_mark:* Thx) Please that is the easy way to be a user of the new editor please? :thinking: Forgive in advance for my error of understanding if there is

PS: In 2022 a brick in sheet2sit mode …?

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Great! :+1:t5: All I need is a way to Sync Airtable data to Glide Tables and then I think I will be free of Google sheets.

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Until then, you can use a go-between:


Or Zapier

True…except that Zapier doesn’t really SYNC with Airtable…Coupler pushes airtable sheets to your Google sheets and overwrites that data


Didn’t know this! I’m just getting started with Airtable - it seems quite powerful in conjuncture with Glide! Thanks!

THANK YOU!!! Much needed link!

Getting started with Airtable now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There is an Airtable Importer tool that I’ve used previously and works very well too. Airtable Importer by Railsware

fairly sure airtable automations now allows a two way sync between a base + sheet (with a quota for how many items can be synced p/m)

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Watched, and thrilled to see the new updates.

One thing that I keep struggling with, especially when I watch this video. Should I start building my apps in glide tables solely, or should I keep google sheets?

Especially regarding speed, it seems glide tables is the focus of the product team.

My general rule of thumb (at least for now) is I ask myself if it’s likely that I’ll need the data in any given table outside the app. If the answer is yes (or even maybe), then that data goes in a Google Sheet.

I generally use a combination of both. But (again, at least for now) I mostly use Glide tables for things like lookup lists (to use in choice components), images, and the like.


Me too. I will always consider glide tables first, using gsheet if absolutely necessary. :+1:

Thanks for feedback. Very valuable to learn how most of you are working with it.

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Very exciting! I hope in this version or soon after GT expands beyond 25K rows. Then we can really scale! Also addressing pins in the login.

When can I use the Glide app 2021? I can’t wait

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You can go to to view the early version

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Thank you sir, for general production, when will you be going to Glide 2021? do I really have to use to move? !!

No, eventually the normal glide will be updated with the same features & functionality that the website you are seeing does. Rest assured, you won’t have to migrate your apps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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