Pages and apps share database?

I created an App with relations, etc. to my sheet tables. Can I create a pages app that shares everything, including the relationships and computed columns? Or do I need to recreate those in Pages ?

If you go to your dashboard and click on the three dots for your app, there should be an option to create a page from your data, which should keep all of the computed columns as well. But that’s a one time deal. After you’ve created the page, the data will sync, but any new computed columns will need to be created in both the app and the page.

Thank you, Jeff! That helps a lot. So, if I want to maintain both the App and the Pages then I just need to do computed columns in each manually? Any idea if there is a plan to keep those also in sync at some point?

Yes, that is correct. Any changes to computed columns will need to maintained separately. It just does the initial copy for you.

I don’t know if Glide has any plans to change how that works.

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