Glide App Glide data table > Glide Pages Glide data table transfer

I currently have Glide App and wish to convert / recreate it with Glide Pages.

Rather than completely recreate the wheel, is it possible to import the Glide App Glide Table data to the Glide Pages Glide Table data.

Note - I started with my Google sheet but then modified the Glide Table only so the Google sheet isn’t exactly up to date.


You can choose to create a new Glide Page from the existing Glide App by clicking the three dot button when hovering over the app on the dashboard.


However, computed columns on the Glide side won’t be transferred over. Only basic columns are transferred.

The computed columns should transfer as well.

The only things that are not transferred are the components.

If this is not the case, please, let us know.


Thanks! I just tried again and it works as you said. Probably I got confused with a shared Glide Table.

It brings me a question, if I add a computed column in this new Page data, does it sync to the App data?

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No, it doesn’t sync. In that case, you need to create that computed column in the app as well.

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Thanks for the clarification! Have a nice day.

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I could just try it myself, but just for clarification, does that mean that when you create a Glide Page from “New Page from data”, the data of the new Glide Page is duplicated and separate from the App?

It’s not separated from the app. However if you create a new computed column, this one is not shared with the other app/page.

If you need that new computed column in both app and page, you need to created in both.

So basic columns are shared across an App and Page, but not computed columns. Got it, thanks.

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Thank you all…in short you have to reinvent the wheel as only the raw data transfers…what a pain in the…


No, raw data AND computed columns transfer upon “create page from…”, but AFTERWARDS, if you add computed columns in either the app or the page, it won’t auto-add to the other.

This is a good thing. Often I’ll create a glide page for Admins that needs completely separate relations and functionality than the end-user.

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Thank you…I can see how it works but now my problem is that my current app is Glide App Private Pro so duplicating would require a new purchase just to convert, redo all the UI and experiment otherwise I lose a lot of the data due to the row limitations on the Free Pages app.

Do you know when “Comments & rating components” is going to be available in Glide Pages? I really need this.

There’s no ETA for this, I would say we can only be sure either when a Glide representative comment about it in this forum, or the component is in staging.

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Do you plan to use the app afterwards? If not, I think you can develop the Page on the Free plan, then downgrade the App and use the pro-rata credit to upgrade the Page.

If it works great, but I’m unsure if I can then copy all the data from the Glide App to Pages App as degrading one will reduce the data due to row limitations…unless of course there is some method for transitioning. cheers

If the App and the Page are using the same data tables, then there is nothing to transfer. All of the data is there. It’s just a matter of how much is accessible on the front end based on your chosen plan. Once you upgrade the plan, then all of the data is accessible. None of it is ever lost.